Website non technological success factors

is based on my experience. I agree with you. I don’t agree with you when I say "


1, be honest and not lie:

may we have been taught not to lie, but we may significantly underestimate the "Frank" energy, may never truly understand the meaning of the last one or two years, I also considered to be understanding. I used to like lying. Maybe it’s a common problem for men all over the world, haha. When you tell a lie, you have to use another lie to make a lie. So one of your lies will lead to an endless lie. Oh, you’re not dead.

again, work:

within the company, especially the Internet business, the biggest or the only cost is manpower. Each BOSS racked his brains to try to maximize everyone’s strengths and potential. How to reduce the unnecessary internal friction of the company is very important. Lack of honesty will lower the company’s executive power and make real good people unable to use their talents. To solve these problems, we must ask each of our members to open their hearts and express their own ideas, not to make any useless things. The meeting said, (Chairman Mao said. Behind it, it seems). If Internet Co can solve the problem of internal communication, it will reduce the cost much. Don’t try to skimp on your employees every day. Start with yourself and be honest.

is also important for external honesty. Hello, not easy to win customers, but because of your dishonesty, the result of losing the customer forever. In addition, to express their ideas openly, will make your business smoothly, no need to waste time on minor issues.

2, choose the right industry,

I’ve heard a story about the Internet in Hefei, new source technology has a money to invest in a web site, there are two ways to choose: a talent recruitment category, a IT class. As a result, we are all very clear, the Anhui computer network has nothing to do, Xin’an talent network in full swing. Now, we have no need to verify the authenticity of this story, just want to explain the importance of the industry to do our website. IT industry looks very beautiful, but it can not produce much value, it is difficult to sustainable development, and there are not many things to dig deep. A clear example: CNET sold $1 billion 800 million.

male afraid to enter the wrong line, female afraid to marry wrong Lang. The same is true of websites. If we think there is no wrong direction, then we can make some mistakes in our progress. We can correct it slowly and always succeed. But if we are headed in the wrong direction, we run counter to success.

how to choose the right direction, which requires a lot of knowledge, including books, but more of their own experience, their understanding of the Internet, their failure experience. If you choose the wrong direction, then you can copy advanced countries, advanced areas into