What is the ultimate purpose of Hao222 Pressure on domestic second tier search engine traffic growth

March media reports, Baidu alliance to full stop web site is divided into mode, causing some owners worry, then Baidu to doubts, saying only terminated the value part flow is not high web site cooperation. The news was confirmed in July, to promote cooperation in July 1st. Most are no longer divided into Baidu union station, the web site contract to expire on June 30th, if you want to continue to participate in the site search promotion into it, must be for Baidu to promote another web site. Site navigation cooperation Baidu and Qihoo has been interrupted, at present, only 2345 ylmf depth and alliance with Baidu cooperation. The move caused a lot of dissatisfaction at the web site.

Baidu’s termination of cooperation with the site navigation station, probably due to its own development reasons. We all know, most of the site navigation station promotion methods are very rogue, through various plug-ins and viruses, bound user home page, difficult to uninstall. The kidnapping behavior affects the flow of Baidu itself and its own navigation station hao123 traffic to a certain extent, some of the original may belong to Baidu and hao123 flow loss to other navigation station, Baidu paid promotion to the union navigation station at the same time each month, the navigation of the gray industrial chain development has also been the plug-in station hijack a user’s computer, kidnapping user traffic. Therefore, Baidu had to pain killers, and finally cooperate with the navigation station.

, and it is rumored that the Ministry has blacklisted some of the site’s navigation stations and implemented supervision. Blacklisted reasons must be malicious propaganda station approach and included in the web site involved in bad content. Baidu is likely to have predicted early that the country will punish the site navigation station, which should be another reason for its termination of cooperation. At the termination of cooperation at the same time, Baidu has put forward if you want to get income from the Baidu alliance to continue, must choose another mode of cooperation, will jump to Baidu’s Web site to another site navigation station (non hao123). And at that time did not explain to the outside what website. However, it is clear at this point, Baidu recently pushed the new site navigation station hao222, said at that time another navigation station is likely to be hao222.

Hao222 and hao123 almost identical, Baidu after the hao123 of such a site navigation station originator, why do they launch a homogeneous hao222? Before the site navigation station and at the same time in Baidu, also in the acquisition of a small traffic navigation station. Although the small web site traffic is limited, but the domestic Internet site navigation Many a little make a mickle., innumerable small, if the acquisition of a large number of these small web site traffic into their own website, will form a similar alliance, can bring a lot of traffic to a large site navigation station, and on the other rogue plug-ins to bind itself promotion, these. In the snatch Baidu navigation station and hao123 traffic, so Baidu could not stand, termination of cooperation at the same time daohangzhan left a "posterior", to accept the Commission, will help me to promote another guide.