Online recruitment network lost burn money more, the more losses

Jiang Lixin believes that although the online recruitment company feel confused, but with the launch of a variety of services, as well as the growth of the two or three line of the city Chinese employers demand, online recruitment industry or recover in the second half of 2009.

is the beginning of spring, but China online recruitment industry still feel winter.

yesterday, one of the Chinese qianchengwuyou online recruitment giant company released the latest reported earnings, the company’s fourth quarter 2008 net profit of about $1 million (the amount without instructions are RMB), 50.3% less than the same period last year. However, the situation is fairly good, Zhaopin and both in the 2008 loss of 170 million yuan, net profit of 76 million 600 thousand yuan in the future leading.


is provided by the iResearch report shows that in 2008, Zhaopin, qianchengwuyou in Internet advertising amounted to 110 million yuan, 50 million yuan, 20 million yuan, it seems, "burn" at least the last laugh.

three giants performance Qi shrink

has just released earnings, the future market public relations manager Wang Jian said yesterday in an interview with reporters, the company is satisfied with the report card. "The future is able to earn $1 million in the fourth quarter of last year, because the company is very robust in terms of capital investment." As an online recruitment company, the operating expenses are essential, but the premise is to ensure the normal operation of the company.

iResearch report shows that the year 2008, Internet advertising in the future amount of about 20 million yuan, while the other two giants Zhaopin, investment amount of in this area were approximately 110 million yuan, 50 million yuan. However, in the "melatonin" advertising bombing, Zhaopin and to hand over the transcripts are not satisfactory, both the loss of 170 million yuan in 2008.

"burn money" has been a common problem in the online recruitment industry, and has even developed to an irrational level." One industry analyst told reporters yesterday, in order to attract employers as well as the user’s eye, online recruitment website will put the brand advertising on TV, radio, Internet and other media, and even expected to attract the attention of venture.

"qianchengwuyou also advertising investment, but more emphasis on the diversification of services to the customer as the center." The analysts said that the current location is no longer the qianchengwuyou recruitment website, and the transition to become a human resources service provider. IResearch Internet analyst Jiang Lixin analysis, from the observation of the new future earnings, the company currently online recruitment revenue accounted for only 30% of total revenue, publications, personnel outsourcing services has become a new growth point.

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