Enterprises to do micro-blog marketing, the first need to prepare 4 jobs

micro-blog this year has become one of the Internet’s hottest products, so far, Tencent, micro-blog registered users have 200 million, Sina, micro-blog registered users have 140 million. As the saying goes, where there are people, there is a market, where there is marketing in the market, and where there is marketing, there is flow. Each enterprise wants to be able to divide in micro-blog a more soup, for each enterprise, use micro-blog as the marketing promotion, is an indispensable part.

1. establish enterprise micro-blog marketing team

Internet users all know, personal time has passed, and now belongs to the era of the team, a person’s power is limited after all. As the saying goes, "many men are powerful, firewood is many, and fire is high.". Micro-blog marketing team should be composed of two kinds of people, one is playing grassroots micro-blog, but not marketing, and the other is marketing, but not playing grassroots micro-blog. For example, the recent Baidu BELLE joint venture with the excellent purchase network is a case column, has recently begun in the formation of micro-blog marketing team.


2. gives enterprise micro-blog a good place


positioning as site positioning, micro-blog to play what role in micro-blog, as the target group, (visitors) to convey what kind of content, therefore, micro-blog positioning is very important, in other words, micro-blog marketing strategy micro-blog positioning is the enterprise, while micro-blog released content is to expand on the micro-blog positioning.

before micro-blog positioning, we must first understand the situation of their own enterprises. For example, your business is a female website, then your micro-blog positioning should be female class. Is a joke site, then enterprise micro-blog should be positioned as joke class. Is a travel website, then the enterprise micro-blog should be positioned as tourism. To combine their own circumstances to do, do not do their own unfamiliar industry, as far as possible with their own enterprise website combination. Fun play network is a living column, site positioning is creative life, e-commerce, micro-blog is positioned as creative life, the content of the hair is mainly related to creativity.



3. opened many multi brand micro-blog

opened many multi brand micro-blog, can expand brand influence. Many companies have opened a sub brand micro-blog, a small number of more than 10, and more than fifty or sixty. Baidu, for example, is a living case.