41 key points of Web2.0 experiential website design (two)

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Web2.0 era, experiential marketing, experiential website design begins to mainstream, so experiential site specific performance means what? Where? At the weekend, according to some experience and observation station, referring to some of the recommendations of friends, summed up the experience of website design four aspects, 41 key experience points, sorted out of, but is still relatively simple, comwit to share with you, welcome additional advice.

one, four aspects of experiential web design

1, visual experience: presents the visual experience to the user, focuses on UI design, emphasizes comfort.

2, browsing experience: the experience presented to the user column and content, focusing on rational planning, emphasizing coordination.

3, trust experience: the trust experience presented to the user focuses on the details, emphasizing stability.

4, interactive experience: experience presented to the user, focusing on path design, emphasis on ease of use.

two, the twelve key experience points of trust experience

trust experience: the trust experience presented to the user focuses on the details and emphasizes stability.

1, Links: for new sites, users not only to judge Website Trust Based on experience in website design and function, and there is a similar or related site assessment. The value of links is not only on the SEO, but also an important manifestation of site user positioning, if the site links are unknown small sites, users of its rating will not be too high. The Links settings should not be too much, more links can be placed on a separate page link, should pay special attention to the quality of the connection of friendship, even do some one-way links, to show their strength.

2, at the bottom of the information: website information content is at the bottom of each page are common content in the site, at the bottom of the information provides a lot of confidence building experience for Internet users, such as the establishment of the website, whether the time record, whether the business website, whether the ownership of the police network marking, privacy statement, the website (such as: XX’s Web site) although the details of this part, but also is the most common standard and content, the best design for.

3, about us: This is the most direct way for a user to understand website background, for many interesting Web2.0 website, for a lot of love to get to the bottom of a column on Internet users, we still very important, because this is a webmaster to original content, the design and arrangement of our program and content the webmaster do tend to reflect the situation.