Lwash dedecms modification techniques

lwash is a good use of open source, why so popular now. Today I will combine their site experience to share with everyone, especially in the novice some help, use the dedecms site is actually very simple, if you master the skills, of course, I personally think we still need to understand the point of HTML and PHP, CSS language, you do not need to program, but at least do you want to see to understand, it can be easier to modify, now, the establishment of the dedecms experience and skills used today to talk about the main

:The first step of

: I think no matter what the program website, the first thing to do is to see the help file, help files there are instructions, very detailed installation process and program files in the role of typeid=”row=” col=”such as Tags: {dede:arclist titlelen=” infolen=”imgwidth=”imgheight=” listtype=”orderby=” keyword=”}{/dede:arclist}, you only know these few the knowledge can do except of course, master. In addition even if not stated in the help file and you don’t know, then you must learn to use "use Baidu Search" to search for your answer, you now encounter many problems, but many webmaster has already met online, so there will be a lot of answers, directly take over with it, so you can save time.

second step: after understanding these basic knowledge, you can upload the program to start the installation, this is not to say, want to say now is to modify the template, we upload dedecms is a template, everyone must have their own needs, so it is to modify the template, in fact, we need to modify the templets is under the default folder under the file, modify the template page is modified in index.html, such as the navigation bar at the top of the 2 advertising is < div class=" banner" > {dede:myad name=’banner’/} < /div> and < div; class=" banner2" > {dede:myad name=’banner2’/} < /div>, banner; and in Banner2 identityset advertising management background corresponding to it; and the navigation bar number of modifications to the corresponding dede:channel type=’top’row=’12’ C Urrentstyle=" the row in "is" the corresponding number, change to "you"