How to register domain name and choose domain name

each site before construction, will be the first time to consider choosing a practical and easy to remember domain name, but in the query domain will find meaningful domain name, almost all have been registered by a space, then we need to change our ideas, but the domain name is registered with the US? What should I do? I came here on the choice of the domain name and domain name registration, will let you help.

1: do you have to register a short domain name,


short domain name, a memory richly endowed by nature advantage, but now the situation, all four digits or letters of pure pure digital is not, and the five letters, meaning is less and less, so, how do we solve? We can recommend Du Zhen consider the appropriate add some meaningful letters in the back, so you can make us easier to remember domain name. For example, Beijing appliance maintenance, that is, with the first six words Pinyin registration, very meaningful, but not repeated with others.

two: must register Pinyin domain name,


a lot of daily life in the massive vocabulary are two Chinese characters, smart meters taking early to see this point, so it makes sense to fight four or even three double spell does not exist, then we can consider adding in the registration number in the back, if it is a personal blog, you can consider adding date of birth in the back, if the company is operating, you can add some color elements, like the 19 floor forum that, because the company is on the 19 floor of the name.

three: what is the best domain name suffix selection?

as the first choice of people, of course, CN meters, but now individuals do not register CN domain name, so the majority of our webmaster registration domain name is the first choice of.Com, followed by.Net. But when we choose.Net, we must take a look at what type of website.Com is. As an old saying goes: Great minds think alike. Some previous think you want to do business, and early registered.Com domain name and start running, then we must change a domain name, but not the second best choice.Net, if you really registered.Net and operations, is likely to be round for others to do the wedding dress.

Du Zhen finally tell you, in fact, the domain name is just one entrance, customers enter into your website through the domain name, but in the search engine era today, many users are using search engines to enter the site, of course, there is a part of the favorites into the net station, there are few directly enter the URL of the user, so in the domain of choice, can choose to meet his own domain name is of course happy, but if not, it can choose a relatively good domain name can be, because the latter internal site experience is the priority among priorities retain users.

this article is edited by Du Zhen, author