Can web games really grow up

"web games are the first thing we call," Sun Wenjun told Tencent technology. "The original name was" WebGame "or browser games."

Sun Wenjun at the end of 05 created a "OGame Galaxy Empire" Union Union nature of the forum, 06 years from the same German web game "Travian" also found his forum for cooperation. And these two games, WebGame industry has already said that the first ancestor.

follows the Chinese web game of OGame. There are "world of war" and so on, and "Travian" has attracted the enthusiasm of China’s WebGame industry".

explains why there are so many Three Kingdoms in China’s WebGame online game, 51wan President Liu Yang said: "there are three camps in" Travian ", which can transplant the background of the three kingdoms."

On the basis of learning and drawing lessons from

, China’s WebGame has developed rapidly in the past year. Sun Wenjun admitted that 2007 was the fastest growing period for CWEBGAME. And 2007, also known as the first year of Chinese Web games.

can the Chinese web game spell the future


data show that in 2007 China’s web game size of 2 million 500 thousand people. And there are reports that, by 2010, China’s web game market will reach 1 billion 440 million yuan, the number of users will reach 12 million 700 thousand people.

"WebGame is a shortcut to game developers," says Shanda CEO Li Yuru. Web game R & D costs are low, generally in the hundreds of thousands of the highest, not more than one million, but there are also a single type of problem.

Li Yu expresses, the future will be more people will be devoted to the development of web games, Shanda will also through the "18 plan" and "20 plan" to support web games. Shanda is clearly ambitious to push Chinese web games around the world, because the localization of code for web games is simple".

"and large games, casual games have formed a situation of tripartite confrontation", this is Li Yu on the web game future expectations.

thousand oak vice chief, he is not so optimistic about his judgment. He acknowledges that the combination of web games and Internet services and communities has a future, but there are no good examples yet". In what Chuan looks, the experience threshold of webpage game is low, user loyalty is not high also.

"a lot of web games claim to make money, but how much you can earn and how long you can make it," he says. "The outlook for this field is not very clear. It’s still in its infancy."". He Chuan believes that two or three months out of the game, it is impossible to retain most users.

thousand oak now one practice is, a net swims to roll out Web> at the same time