Xu Xiaoping Angel dinner on the 8 golden sentence Chen Ou recommended projects are dead

in fact, Chen Ou recommended to me the two projects are dead, he said that this life does not recommend the project to me.


(text / Wang Boxuan) last night Zhenge fund founder Xu Xiaoping held in venture capital circles, known as the "Buffett Chinese dinner" angel before dinner, accepted the interview Xuan brother.

on investment in winter

with the global stock market turmoil, many venture capital institutions have expressed this "capital big wave" has spread to the field of venture capital. Financing difficulties, financing shrink, venture capital strand breaks and other rumors also follow.

for the problem of capital winter, Xu Xiaoping believes that there is no data to support this phenomenon is not seen. On the other hand, if it is winter, it can leave Quweicunzhen, those entrepreneurs who have real business value.

Li Xiaoning

founder of venture capital circles also added that if (when the winter less money, investment) the valuation of the normal point, I think it is a return to a healthy thing.

on false financing

earlier this year, Xu Xiaoping micro-blog said, "at the beginning of the new year, I want to launch an initiative: venture capital industry friends, everyone together to eliminate the phenomenon of false investment. I dare not say anything else, but I will know the exact amount of financing real investment company. I ask these companies not to report the financing of the news, to report the real number, otherwise I will be in the micro-blog "careless" to reveal the truth I know."

The threat of

does seem to be working, and yesterday Xu Xiaoping saw that "it is moving in a positive direction". However, he also admitted that if the law is not to perform, such initiatives can only be always empty. "Everyone in the amount of financing is not recognized as false justice, the real financing amount is about social responsibility, social responsibility of entrepreneurs, this trend is being formed."

on screening project

obviously investors like Xu Xiaoping, every company will receive numerous BP, every day doing the work to look for a needle in the ocean. Xu Xiaoping screening project has two ways, one is the introduction of investors, such as Chen Ou said there is a project that investors recommend investors, which is the most important way for investors. The second is called the sea vote, 4000 of which there are at least 3800 sea investment, although the sea is cast, but each entrepreneur will get a serious response.

But for

, mentioned before Chen Ou recommended projects, Xu Xiaoping said, "in fact, Chen Ou give me two recommended items all died, he said that this project is not recommended to me, I said no to recommend."

entrepreneurs in the end is not lonely lonely


had an interview with Wang Shengjiang, founder of the Hong Kong space, he believes that entrepreneurs are lonely, in the business model, >