How to maintain good network spider

when the web spider has come to your station, how can you keep it better and let it serve you better?

should let the network spider have something to eat every day, but also to ensure that the network spider can go deep into your station, the station’s pages are dug out, this is very important. I am in the station, and network spider intimate contact, to understand its habits, and a little experience to share with you:

1. ensure the site structure, simple and reasonable, reasonable inside chain, smooth, best can form a network that can reach any station page in any one page; the chain to ensure the quality of the premise, increase the number of.

2. to ensure that station updates, regular updates, 10 million guarantee original, their views are very important, to ensure that humor

3. page title and description will not say, each place has detailed introduction

4., some accompanying requirements are not mentioned, such as server stability, site speed and other

do that, not only the network spider is very good, but also to maximize the value of it. This paper consists of feeds