How to solve the customer’s doubts about the effectiveness of network marketing

network marketing in the current enterprise can be described as sweet and strange, gracious is Chinese has 400 million users of the Internet, watching colleagues a fast in the field of Internet, you also want to have a share. Strange is that many companies think network marketing is to build a website to get away, you still don’t think this is my chance, I work in the past two years the two or three line of the city, such enterprise is really be too numerous to enumerate.

encountered in most cases, owners want a website will be able to put them all and usually requires a fix, a detailed data feedback, for example to build this website, do optimization, and do some activities on the site, you can guarantee how much amount of customers? In other words, i.e. how to monitor the effect of network marketing


frankly, my method is very simple, is to give these customers website to install some website statistical analysis tools, combined with the actual situation of current activities, and set up the questionnaire, so to customer feedback, detailed data without losing the professional. The most frequently used GoStats websites are statistical analysis ( and CNZZ data experts ( Google Analytics feels good, but it’s not easy to handle.

1. and Google same, website statistic also comes from abroad website statistic analysis serves. There are several international versions that support multiple languages. Powerful, accurate data. The advantage is that the data is real-time, accurate, easy to use, and more detailed analysis of website traffic than Google. The disadvantage is that the user interface is biased towards the European and American style, and the Chinese customer service currently only supports online submission.

2. CNZZ data experts is currently the most important site of the statistical analysis tool, has the advantages of little advertising, analysis of the foreign IP, analysis of the common screen resolution, defect is unable to hide the statistics icon, web page display speed decrease, a lot of statistics have not indicated for PV statistics or for IP statistics. Some confusion.

3. customer marketing activities to participate in the mind, if possible, to help customers in some appropriate Social Media (Social Media), portal website forum, blog, and other activities will be modest, content sharing / forwarding, and record.


4. survey is a universal method, comparing the time-consuming, but because directly to the customer, can provide a realistic basis for the customer in the impression of the product and product potential purchase analysis, so it is best to use. Of course, if you’re in trouble, you can also choose an online research agency, but you usually need to charge.

5. often asks himself: "to my clients, >