New station day Baidu included experience

always feel the same surname exchange is too difficult, I am surnamed Xin, is a relatively rare surname, accounting for 9/10000 of the number of (PS: personal has been said to be 0.09%, but one clan than that of 9/10000 shock, after all 0.09% is still 0 after several side of it). Although there are a lot of clan established N QQ group, but still feeling communication inconvenience, so on the initiation of the idea of doing an SNS website

initially selected domain name is, the old Xin Jia Chinese spelling, but the feeling is too long, not too good memory, then used a night time selected domain name, and ultimately determine the VC domain name Personally prefer this domain name, because VC is the abbreviation of the English Virtual Community virtual community, very consistent with my SNS site positioning.

My friend gave us a

10G space, php space, save a large part of the expenditure, but the feeling is not very good, because a lot of clan reflect Suman, this will be settled in the late.

well, well, my SNS Simpson’s Internet website ( the morning of May 12th began to build, the day a total of only 33 IP address, because I only propaganda in the QQ group and Baidu Post Bar in, so less, but on that day, there are more than 1000 PV up, this makes me very surprised, after all I as a rookie in the rookie, there are so many PV or very happy

No. 13 early in the morning, the thought did not submit to Baidu included, so easily in Baidu site, unexpectedly included, and Baidu snapshot is displayed when the registration number is 8, that is to say, is included in the No. 12 around noon, greatly satisfy the vanity, oh

personally think that there is a lot of luck in there, because often see A5, think more than 20 hours or a day included have been very powerful, but also have a lot of experience, and I even half a day was included, there is always a kind of lucky feeling, ha ha

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