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Abstract: with the development of multi-level capital market, the combination of capital and industry becomes more and more closely. With the power of capital, many enterprises to achieve the expansion of cross-border or vertical field. As the three largest China Internet Corporation BAT naturally will not let this opportunity slip away. According to incomplete statistics, over the past three years, the total investment of about a total of about 30 listed companies and hundreds of unlisted companies in the past 5 years.


Chinese Internet development for nearly 20 years, and gradually formed a "big three China Internet Corporation" — Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent (hereinafter referred to as "BAT") a situation of tripartite confrontation situation. In the past 5 years, these giants have invested a total of about 30 listed companies and hundreds of unlisted companies, and now, the new board has become another piece of fertile soil for their staking of the three.

Tencent investment 320 million valuation of the new network of to

as the new board of investment "old driver", and the king in business, blue sky environmental protection and free media, three new board companies, can see the figure of Yu Minhong. And now, he finally his own pro son – New Oriental Network pushed on the new three board.

New Oriental

network was established in 2005, is a professional online education company New Oriental Group, mainly engaged in B2C and B2B business model for preschool, primary and middle school students, college students and occupation groups professional online education service based on.

company’s profit statement is pretty good: in 2014, in 2015, respectively, operating income of 216 million yuan, $318 million, net profit of $10 million 624 thousand and 200, $15 million 437 thousand.


public information, New Oriental New Oriental network group holds 67.97% of the shares, is the controlling shareholder of the company, the New Oriental Group’s actual control of Yu Minhong, so Yu Minhong through equity relationship holds a controlling stake in New Oriental network.

New Oriental Network in January 30th this year to start the first round of financing, Linzhi Tencent Technology Company Limited to 74.67 yuan / share price, invested $320 million, holding 12.29%, the company’s largest shareholder. Linzhi Tencent, Tencent Shenzhen industrial investment fund Co., ltd..

teacher education, nature is little not, according to the New Oriental network revolution of the instructions, the network curriculum product teacher all part-time teacher. Companies pay royalties and fees to the class teacher. It is also more than 1000 part-time teachers, in 2015 to create a new network of Oriental revenue of 318 million.

in the long run, the online education industry prospects are very impressive, New Oriental new round of financing valuation of up to 3 billion 173 million yuan, I believe that the new board of Tencent investment should also be wrong!

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