38 years old, into another world, can

Wang Hui, 38 years old this year, Mianyang IT website, in August 08 started his site, in the process of site knows a lot of the younger generation of personal webmaster, I told them to learn a lot of things, today also wordy yourself IT experience, hope to share with you the grassroots webmaster.

98 years ago, I was an ordinary worker in a factory. In the 98 year, the factory went bankrupt, so I came to live in the city with a lump sum fee from the factory. Just feel free to live in the city, but after more is aimless. I don’t like being disciplined, I like freelancing, doing what I love to do. Also looked around, but are inappropriate, because of his love and learn some electronic technology, and hired a counter in the appliance repair, for a few months, found his mouth Zhuo people too honest to collect money, that master the technology in the city have not opened, more and more difficult to do business and the relatives and friends feel useless, the mood is depressed, this is not done. Then sleep all day drinking. The placement fee also not a flower, I am anxious for family, in the city, no money can’t do anything. Later the brother introduced to a construction site work, teeth had done one month after the project ended, I lost my job again.

locked himself in a room waffling considering his future, I still think suitable for electronic technology work, after all this I have, but because the technology is not ready to get home before, so you must have excellent technology. Then listen to the students that do computer repair business is good, have done for two or three years, after I told him the situation, after his introduction, I went to Chengdu to study computer maintenance arrangements, so in Chengdu with a repair master learning, because they have a foundation, soon learned to display maintenance.

returned to Mianyang in 2000, found a job in the computer city, then I like real technology very popular, the boss of his exceptionally good, the treatment is very good, I also know that their work is not easily won, especially diligent, at the same time also improve quickly. When the expiration of the trial, the boss said to me: "I am very satisfied with you."". After listening to the mood of excitement, and would like to rush to the road, and see people give him a mouth… So many years, too depressed, and their own pay has finally been affirmed by others, the psychological needless to say that happy.

has been happy with that company for over a year, and later some classmates have come to me to discuss the plan for the future. He said he is still young and should break into his own business. I said enough money to say it, but he said I like to earn money for one year, removing the various expenses without remaining, is the death of wages, ten years to save money, but also save enough to open the company’s money, after listening to my Speechless, that is the same thing, with a dozen days a new friend also want to method to the outskirts of densely populated place to rent a facade. Did not investigate in advance, a lot of circumstances did not consider fully, although there is a community, but there are not many computers, there are computer repair there!