have some experience in doing part-time work at University

the previous article "for a period of time the website how to leave a strong impression of" users, many webmaster especially the college students, part-time webmaster, on the construction of the new building at the beginning of www.zizhuxing.com in-depth discussion, put forward many part-time webmaster website traffic they rarely how to profit problem. Just when I was in college, I also ran a website, and three years of college tuition, living and other expenses to achieve self-sufficiency, not to hand out a penny to the family. The author of this site on average 1-2 IP per day, traffic is very small, how is it profitable


below is some of the author’s experience, for students in school reference. The author only during the university very little spare time to maintain the website, on the website of the product and technology is also learning while maintaining the site.

1 try to find unique or less competitive products or technologies.

2 looking for special industries.

3 looking for technically advanced products or technologies.

4 looking for products with greater output value.

meets the above conditions of the main purpose of the website is to avoid competition, below we detailed to analyze the truth.

1 looking for a unique product or technology. If a product or technology in the market is the one and only or the degree of competition is very low, so the website keywords in the search engine rankings to first become very simple, cost maintenance or maintenance of this site keywords ranking time is very small. Because of the lack of competition, so I just write an article a week, published to the web site, or online reproduced some of the online technology on this article, coupled with some of their own feelings.

2 special industries. This is also in order to avoid competition, the masses of the industry to do more stations, competition is fierce, special industry competition is small, do not need to spend too much time.

3 technically advanced products or technologies. Products sold through the website have high added value and large profit margins.

4 operates a larger product value. As long as there is sufficient output value, then the return to the site is correspondingly large.

During the operation of the

University part-time website is an enterprise product sales, www.meier-chem.com, keyword is the company’s products and technologies, 1-2 hours a day to maintain the website to answer the user message, learning website promotion products performance and the use of methods and technology etc.. Encountered complex technical problems, consult the engineering and technical personnel. Although the site visits every 1-2 IP, but the keyword of the website "Shanxi phosphating" "Taiyuan phosphating" Mel cyanide free silver plating "are in the major search engine rankings of the top 2. Most of the visitors will call to inquire about the product. Basically every week to develop a user, each user’s product output value is 1-10>