Happy network is not happy happy SNS encountered industry unspoken rules

emaciated Cheng Binghao sat in front of reporters, intonation calm, eyes helpless.

as the most popular SNS website Kaixin (kaixin001.com) CEO, Cheng Binghao recently some worry: in mid October last year, Qianxiang interactive group under a same business website (kaixin.com) on the line, continue to erode the market, which makes many happy fans can’t distinguish between true and false.

in late May, happy net formally to the Beijing second intermediate people’s court filed a lawsuit against unfair competition Qianxiang interactive requirements, Thousand Oaks stop using the approximate site name, a public apology and compensation for 10 million yuan. At present, the case has been formally accepted.

‘s troubles began in September last year. Before introducing kaixin.com, thousand oak interactive ever had secret communication with happy net, hope to be bought with 100 million yuan plus 100 million 1000 oak equity, buy happy net. After being rejected by happy nets, Thousand Oaks announced a high price purchase of kaixin.com’s domain name last October 10th. Thousand oak version happy net then on-line.

at that time, the number of users happy network close to 7 million 500 thousand. Cheng said at that time: happy net has more happy future.

, a programmer’s happy dream,

was founded in 2008 March, happy net, less than half a year will usher in a big buyer of 100 million yuan, this is an irresistible temptation for an entrepreneur, but Cheng Binghao said resolutely No, "I was happy net’s intention is to build a platform to let more people happy now. Is this."

December 1998, Cheng Binghao from China Atomic Energy Research Institute came to Sina, from software engineers, search engine production director, deputy general manager of wireless technology has been done, deputy general manager of enterprise services, responsible for the development of sina search engine ask". At this stage, Cheng Binghao ushered in his career after turning.

April 2004, Cheng Binghao official responsible for the Sina search engine department. Although Baidu had dominated the Chinese market at that time, he still wanted to make a miracle, and developed the first Chinese community search by asking questions and answers among users". In 2006, Sina has been hard to keep up with Baidu, will stop the search business.

it was a great setback for Cheng Binghao. To have had a premonition of the search may be stopped when he decided to try to spell, which led to his health problems, a heart to the office on up to 100 times / min and chest tightness, and over to look at the computer, had a severe dry eye, sometimes suddenly can not see any word.

‘s nightmare experience led Cheng Binghao to reflect on his job, changing his mind and even his outlook on life. "There are so many things in life that we can’t control, when we put our lives in pursuit of a goal."