HTML 5 & CSS 3’s new interactive feature. What effect does a web page achieve


this title of this picture is made with Phosotshop. But you can’t search it in search engines, and the search engines are not powerful enough to recognize the text in the picture. And because the volume of the picture is not too small, the netizen with slow speed may have to wait patiently for the picture to refresh when browsing. So, is there a new way to avoid these shortcomings,


yes, HTML5 and CSS3 can meet your needs. Even, it can do more, better. As a designer, we should know what they are and what characteristics they have, so that we can think about what we can do with HTML5 and CSS3.

what are HTML5 and CSS3


, HTML, and CSS are not difficult to understand. HTML is the main language that constitutes a web page. Through this language, we can explain the format, content, display effect and so on to the computer. CSS is the language used to control the display of web pages. Now that the question is out, why should we use CSS alone? Isn’t HTML the same way to control the display of Web pages? In order to answer this question, let me give you a simple example:


have found that if too many once want to describe things, things clearly, we have to repeat a large amount of information? Page language is the same, is out of order in this case is very difficult to find clues. By integrating the language that controls the display effect into the CSS, we can not only guarantee the simplicity of the main body of the page language, but also make it easy to reuse various language collections.

, HTML5, and CSS3 are the latest versions of HTML and CSS, and none of them are currently standard, but new features that have been announced have excited us.

New, special, new


1. new content tag


The content tags in

HTML4 are the same level and cannot distinguish between parts. The content tags in HTML5 are independent of each other, different levels, search engines and statistical software can quickly identify each part of the content.

2. better table system


now you can discard JavaScript or PHP and define tables only by HTML5. You can define the format of each input form unit, can also be defined in this unit is required.