Look at the site to a path of sustainable development from destruction by the faint

following the "520 novels", "Chinese Wansong network" and other novels by Royal website piracy, recently known by faint ebook download sites have been closed, two 80 site responsible person detained. By the faint as the largest novel ebook download sites, rankings, flow in the forefront of the website are directly infringing works provided by.Txt,.Epub and other formats of documents to download, and to the development of a number of navigation site navigation, hao123, 360 mobile phone UCweb browser has advertising display and promotion link, a formal professional idea.

, for a reader who regularly downloads e-books on the site, has lost some sense of mind and has lost a free platform to download e-books. But from the webmaster industry perspective, the lost star again reminds us of a website how to achieve sustainable development, sustainable management, the author summarizes some of the points according to the event to share with you:

first, whether the industrial chain is stable or not. Industry chain stability is a website can continue to go on the necessary conditions, the stability of the lower reaches of the industry chain, so that the site can continue to have users, traffic, upstream stability, allowing the site to continue to profit. For books, literary website of the industry, stable and reliable, the profit space is also large, but for this type of website, personal Adsense is not enough to have the possibility to formal way of fencing. If operating in personal identity, only free and industry, to earn some traffic and profits through minor. After big if not quickly and effectively to positive, it is likely to repeat the old road again and the faint by the 520 novels. For example, the faint by chipping away, not enough to let everyone pay attention to you, once you are facing bigger and stronger, the entire industry is in the aspects of the siege, this is definitely not the one or two chief factors can control. And for the novel stand, if not formal, it is difficult to believe that can continue to operate.

two, legal moral hazard. As a webmaster, before the site, you should clearly understand what can do, what can not do. Sites that touch the edges and touch the moral baseline may be good in the short run, but after all, the tail of a rabbit is not long. Don’t say anything in foreign space. That doesn’t solve the problem at all. Operators can easily shield foreign IP, for some serious violations of the site, I believe the relevant departments will find you through all means. Now, no more than a few years ago, the relevant departments of technology and efficiency still improve a lot. The faint by the fall once again confirms the copyright problem can not be ignored. I also see many novels and literature had station station, early also rely on unconventional means to get the first batch of users and the first pot of gold, but wait through normal channels and companies, to realize normalization operation, the author is not respected this, but at least, the formal specification, but also to the site to bring a new tomorrow.

three, can the website steadily accumulate for a long time?