Reduce self righteous activities in Web Operations

in the operation of the site in the process, will inevitably be held online or offline activities on the site is the initial station in order to attract the attention of users, website maturity is mainly to strengthen the cohesion and active member station. Often, a website is planned at the beginning, and an activity is done by the management, not by the members. This is likely to plot a "self righteous" activity. All the webmaster seems to have a common problem, it is difficult to stand in the point of view, because of the long-term operation will make the site administrator does not know true feeling, thought his analysis from the angle of management problems, the analysis is general. Although we are aware of this problem, remind yourself to think from the point of view, but always have "feeling, so Those closely involved cannot see clearly.", we often complain, now do not know what users want. This is normal, and it needs us to break through. The most terrible thing is that we don’t realize it.

generally speaking, through a long period of investigation, we can understand the habits and values of members of a website so that we can plan our activities in a targeted way. But this process of investigation and exploration is not easy to accomplish, the "long time" may be long people get tired, so we have to think, "a" first do say. Of course, for a day for innovation in the industry, and try the test is essential, but also can not do too much useless, we prefer to do a successful activity, is not willing to do the 5 effects are not obvious activity.

website activities can be divided into many kinds, such as official sponsored activities, spontaneous activities of members, large activities held by local organizations recommended by the website, online small activities, website speculation and so on. I am here to exchange official activities and website hype these two cases.

stated earlier that the purpose of the official campaign is clear and that anyone can do it. In general, the official activities are also for website speculation, so we can say together (of course, website hype is not limited to active forms). The key point is how to plan a successful activity. I don’t have much experience in this respect, so I’d like to welcome you to study together. The purpose is clear, we also need to make clear what needs to be achieved, the effect must be as objective as possible, and then we should consider what methods can be adopted, how long will it take?. Say first effect, this is the most likely to make "self righteous" of the problem. Many web site operators will in planning the activities of a dream a final result, after that we can achieve the result how, but in fact did not achieve the result, so the idea behind is superfluous. For example, once a site planning a website match, hope to achieve the effect of the members of the station and then put the topic propagation activation, name calling to other sites to form a speculation. The final desired effect is on both sides of the accused as a piece of, in addition to the related products are brought together and recrimination, step >