The construction of a mobile phone for site planning books

this is my 07 years to write a plan, and now sent to the king of the road, and friends to study, talk about under discussion, welcome to put forward various suggestions, ha,

management framework:

set up an online mobile phone for website owners to carry out a taste for mobile phone service. Build an online photo library that allows users to design their own online and then send them from us. This requires cooperation with mobile phone manufacturers. My ideas are based on the status quo at home. At present, the majority of domestic Internet users from the age of 18-40, their mobile phone ownership rate is highest. But they are so poor that they can only post pictures on the phone or pick one from the limited color shell to meet the needs of individuality and color. I designed the website just to give them a space and time free place, let them combine our material library and template free play, to create their own, unique colorful mobile phone shell. We made it after we received the order.

first of all, we should make sure that our service is for 18-40 people with mobile phones, or for people who buy cell phones. Their consumption level to. Mobile phone shell can be a gift to send people, this is in line with the current popular DIY gift trend. Our profit is earned by service, so the profit margin depends on the capacity of our picture library and the number of mobile phone templates. Additional services are good or bad.

, we’re building a mobile phone shell library on our website. Users can design their own colorful mobile phone shell, choose their favorite pictures, movie stills, and even their digital photos as the mobile phone shell, and then sent to the user after the completion of the web site.

website positioning: a very fashionable website, including mobile phone online ordering, personalized color mobile phone shell design and production, mobile music production and download, and mobile phone related advisory services.

Web Services:

1) selling mobile phones (which only sells the latest, most stylish, and cheapest three types of mobile phones) – reasons: these three types of mobile phones fit in with the positioning of our web site and the characteristics of our target customers. Our target customer is between 18-40. The first two types of mobile phone consumers are characterized by: do not care about the price level, but the style, function and color must be absolutely stylish, advanced. Most of them have at least 1 handsets, and will be replaced with new cell phone models. The group is dominated by young people, who also have the ability to access the Internet and the strength of online shopping, and have the possibility of shopping over and over again. As for why the cheapest selling mobile phones, because our customers are a lot of students in school, especially college students. Their economic level determines that they can’t buy the latest and most fashionable phones, but our color cell phone shell can also make their ordinary phones full of personality.

2) to provide customers with personalized color mobile phone shell production services;

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