Novice 4 hours to solve the website link

There is a sentence in

Seo: "content is king" and "link is emperor". Recently, and many SEOER in exchange, or many friends on how to do links feel helpless, so the following discussion, mainly is the development of the link work.

1, 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. first time: simple knowledge of links, what links are good links?

basic definition: anchor text: used to connect text: direct impact on the SEO effect. For example, recently, the best link to optimize your is: start a business. If the link text is SEO tutorial. For SEO, the effect is approximately equal to 0. Even negative. Also note: anchor text should be diverse, such as my link can use the pioneering net, enterprise China, pioneering China net link. All the same link anchor text is not healthy, either.

outer chain: other websites link to your website. Also said: reverse link.

what’s the quality of the chain?

1 is highly relevant to web content. Especially in the keywords you want to optimize, ranking better station.

Stations with high frequency updates such as

2, news station, etc.. That is, search engines are constantly updated. Search engine news source is very good, very powerful,

3, authority site. That is popular sense, high weight site. Like government websites, school websites, etc..

4, a web site with very few export links,

5, links in the text.

6, business directory. Google is said to have a good list of Yahoo charges.

outside the chain query: Link check the chain. Link:+ URL, you can search the search engine in the chain.

so far, Baidu can not check the outer chain. Although many webmaster tools show Baidu reverse link quantity, but in fact Baidu can’t check the chain. Check out the Baidu chain is what? Second section stresses.

Google link command feedback rarely results, but not Google can not find the link. Have their own standing friends recommend using Google webmaster tools to see yourself outside the chain, in fact, Google chain crawl and web crawl is the same, grab the results of the most.

Yahoo webmaster tools. Yahoo outside the chain of search is also very careful, I generally see other people’s station, using Yahoo, I stand with Google administrator tools. You try it, too.

inside chain: finish the chain, say the inside chain. The inner chain is the link inside the website. Usually for a medium-sized site, the construction of the chain is the most important. Through the mass of the chain, the quality of the content sent to the first line of search engines. Is the SEO link policy for a medium plus site. Try again, Goog>