Operating version of the growth of hackers 10 cases tell you how to obtain users through the user

looks at how each product in the case has enabled a large number of users to participate in the work of new users for a long time, and to achieve growth in the operating version of hackers.


editor’s note: the first WeChat public number operations research society "(ID:U_quan), author Chen Weixian, excerpt from" with little science operation "- my Baidu Post Bar and red book operation practice and experience of"


wrote "with little science operations" this book, I gave the following definition: user operation user operation is to achieve a certain operation purpose and user correlation in the strongest way of thinking, strategy combination of executable and then make influence in the way of thinking.


based on personal practice summed up the definition of user operation may read a bit awkward, little consciously explain the 3 key elements in the definition.

operation purpose

cited new, retained, promote activity, transformation, brand, these concepts are said to be rotten, do not explain!


user thinking

means that in thinking about the business strategy for achieving a business purpose, you start with a user’s perspective.

, for example, the user operation for the realization of new purposes, the first time should not be thinking of advertising channel operations, but thinking about how to make use of existing products to do new users. Airbnb similar to the realization of user growth tool – Referral system, is very typical user thinking.

policy combination

achieves some kind of operation under the user’s thinking, the purpose is may be composed by many kinds of strategies. Or to pull the new case, in addition to the old plan to pull the new activities, but also by the quality of the user online interview or KOL (key opinion leaders) are new users into micro class, also can be through the efficiency of product design to enhance the old users to invite new users.

in order to facilitate the realization of business purposes through users, quickly find the right operating strategy for its own products. Based on the definition of user operation, the model of user operation decision is given.


combined with the user operation decision model, this paper focuses on the distribution planning in the 10 first and second quadrant and product features of the case, look at each product in this case is how to make a large number of users to participate in the long time work in the introduction of new users, achieve operational version of the hacker growth.

product function section

case 1: share red envelopes

doesn’t know what to start with, and at the moment when the user pays the bill, there will be a red envelope to share the page, and more and more trading products see it as standard