Talk about why there are no 100% stable virtual hosts

virtual host server, like your computer host, is composed of CPU, memory, motherboard, hard disk and other computer is assembled, when you go to bed every night off can rest, the server is must be 24 hours of non-stop operation, long aging, eventually one day will be bad, from the bad for a moment, the server will not work, your site will pause. This is one of the reasons why it is impossible to have 100% stable hosts.

when your site or server computer hackers DDOS large flow attack, regardless of your service provider China claiming to be the first, or the first in Asia, will be game over, your website will be the reason for this is not suspended, 100% stable host two.

hosting server room, no matter how cattle X computer room, at the beginning of the construction, it is impossible to plan the 100% perfect, such as bandwidth, lines. Layout, room capacity, with the development of the market, the computer room at any stage may be expanded at any time, bandwidth upgrades, circuit transformation, etc., in this case, most cases will stop the network. Then, no matter how nice your service provider promises, your site will remain suspended for hours. This is the reason why there are no 100% stable hosts three.

and other factors, such as server system failure, virus infection, national policy inspection did not record, illegal information IP, unexpected accidents will be a lot of, at any time may occur off the net accident. In fact, the current IDC market in no 100% stable host, where to buy completely stable host, China no matter which IDC company, in fact usually there will be a server failure, broken network, you just haven’t met.

so the webmaster is very confused, always in the forum to see the webmaster Post Bar shouted: XXXIDC is a liar, because listed above these faults are actually unpredictable unavoidable and inevitable since these reasons, at any time may lead to owners of the site can not access, how will have 100% stable host failure? Not afraid, as long as the immediate solution is good, the most important thing is not to deceive the webmaster, let the webmaster have pure mental trauma, the IDC service provider you can not guarantee the service or technical level as far as possible not to promise. Owners must learn to understand, since you buy space in the moment, you and IDC are partners, since it is a partner should be mutual understanding, mutual tolerance, because these faults are unpredictable, unavoidable, IDC industry is a part of the garbage, but not all, most of the IDC business or good. Good faith, understanding, tolerance, and jointly create a harmonious environment for IDC services, online condemning a little


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