The project is not profitable, you can insist on how long

in our life on the road, each person will have a large number of small projects, even if it is to open their own Taobao shop; do a small site; do an industry / place / mall, etc.. In the beginning, are always longing for what it can bring to me later, but imagine to imagine, now a non-profit project you can hold on how long?

take myself, I have 4 years rolled about on the internet. Over the past few years, the site has almost a dozen or so, really can not have a basic profit, and can insist on down is not a few. I remember when I was in 2011 to set up their first site, then there is no online banking, had to transfer through the bank to buy the domain name space, I still remember that time in the ATM machine will be 70 yuan into a silly $0.7. Went home when asked why the customer said did not remit the money received, customer service confirmed the 7 hair several times that received the results, I walked 30 minutes came to the bank transfer in the past 70 yuan.

I was the first to do a website weight loss type of site, at that time what do not understand, the article is basically copied online, but also with other sites CSS format and hyperlinks. Then the online to see a website to make a profit to investment Google ads, when Google advertising review is very relaxed, I will according to the article’s claims of advertising, also launched some friends message let them come to my site a little bit more advertising.

has one day received a letter to Google’s letter, the contents of the letter is probably of no importance to introduce the Google Adsense content. After about a few weeks later, I found my site Baidu is not included, don’t think what hope, angrily to the website to delete all.

later with SEO knowledge gradually increase, and the initiation site of the idea, and done a lot of website, but in the end they insist on not going to give up. The reason is: just found to do this kind of website is promising, ranking up after someone to do the advertisement, the N website, ranking up still later found his original No one shows any interest in, the idea is very naive.

over the years I have done the site:

local home repair computer

inspiration from the students, because at first I was in an outsourcing company to do computer maintenance and maintenance of OA system network. He said the computer repair on the door 50 yuan, so the initiation of the idea. Although the ranking came up, but a few months no telephone, downhearted, delete station.

local gourmet website

called the "basic necessities of life" is the basic needs of human life, taking into account the "Housing Bank" type of site competition, but their limited level do not, so we chose the food". At the beginning of the selection of source code, find online are not a good-looking, but barely used as a corporate website.