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in recent years, Taobao, eBay and other C2C platform, as long as the simple operation of the computer, anyone can shop, and do not need to apply for administrative procedures, without paying rent and other costs. So many people earn money, but also the achievements of the China largest unlicensed group. Like Sun Wukong without a gold hoop, they played with their abilities.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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whether the online shop owner needs a license, the key is to define whether it is an enterprise or an individual. If only "weekend stall", it is not within the scope of the "regulations"." Beijing information office director Zhu Yan said. The author thinks that it is correct to have a special idea on the way of thinking. As a policy, "left leaning" and "right" will be slightly biased, especially for the e-commerce industry is developing, but also need to step by step, branch for the realization of.

because the Internet has not been related to individual trading laws and regulations constraints, which must be no shortage of speculators, network fraud cases have occurred. If it goes on for a long time, the entire e-commerce industry will suffer a great blow.

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however, even in the full swing of e-commerce today, the number of online shoppers is still not 1/4 of the total number of Internet users in the country, not to mention a large number of non internet users. In this case, the government introduced the policy, let them know that online shopping is a channel of national recognition, but also can regulate the industry business order, promote a mature industry, macro and promote the development of electronic commerce industry.

suddenly, "gold hoop" came. The units and individuals engaged in business activities using the Internet shall obtain their business licenses in accordance with the law." December 1st implementation of the "Beijing information technology promotion regulations" twenty-sixth, so many "dispensers" uneasy. Online shop, no license how to do it, became the most discussed topic between them.

secondly, for enterprise sellers, they can be done in batches and by stages

in this regard, many netizens called for the establishment of regulatory mechanisms to fill the gaps in the law in this regard to protect the interests of buyers.

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first, for independent online shop, the regulations must be enforced. Compared with Taobao and three party trading platform registered independent online shops, especially the lack of supervision, the former website operator platform can provide credit, payment and other auxiliary means, to help consumers judge the reliability of transactions, and to provide some necessary compensation. Independent shop almost no constraints, many unscrupulous businessmen shot for a place, as consumer reports, the general management of seal site for the final processing, consumers do not have any rights or ability to recover losses. Therefore, the independent online shop in the establishment of strict examination of qualifications is very necessary.

however, how to monitor online shopping is a new challenge for the government. How to promote the development of the industry and protect the rights and interests of consumers? This is the game of governance.