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entrepreneurship and failure


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who knows that Disney park like a wealthy white Formica not betrothed yet again, attracted numerous fans coveted.

he is Walter ·, Disney, the founder of the world-famous Disney company.


he’s still an absolute "kid king"". Whether animated movies, television programs, or the creation of the Disney Park, the world’s children have brought countless joy, and successfully transformed into Disney company’s continuous wealth.

Disney has repeatedly bounced, the fare is expensive, the opening time is delayed, but it did not diminish the pursuit. From June 14th to June 16th, Shanghai, Disney finally held the opening ceremony.

he is a rare all rounder". Worked as a producer, with music, an animation designer, as well as an entrepreneur.

is worth $160 billion, founder of the Empire,

he is known as the father of Mickey mouse". One hand has created many animated characters that have accompanied the development of generations, and have so far been alive.

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, while Disney’s annual income in 2015 was more than $52 billion 465 million equivalent to 345 billion 739 million 100 thousand yuan, was the sum of last year’s revenues of BAT’s three.


makes this company with nearly $160 billion about 1 trillion and 54 billion 480 million yuan of the market value of Listed Companies in the United States ranked the forefront of perennial.

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, but it’s hard to imagine that the founder of such a business empire suffered a succession of entrepreneurial failures and employee defection, and finally got Disney,

on March 28th zero Disney ticket officially opened, the first day of the ticket was seconds to grab, half an hour more than 5 million hits, and its official website collapsed, comparable to the Spring Rush ticket boom.

, he’s a legend of American entertainment. In his lifetime, he has won 59 Oscar prizes, 4 Oscar prizes, and 22 Oscar prizes. The record has never been broken so far.

starts again, fails,

Abstract: he is known as the father of Mickey mouse". A hand to create a large number of accompany generations growth, has vitality of animation role; he is a rare all rounder". Worked as a producer, with music, an animation designer, as well as an entrepreneur. The founder of a business empire suffered a continuous failure to succeed, and eventually reaped Disney,