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      because no third party figures out some time, two days ago met an agent, he said to me, it should be said that we do the Internet media advertising company, or that we should be all these people, companies all do traditional media most easily because, we number too much, but overall we work overtime, we are too tired, how are we so tired? This is a problem, in fact, may also reflect the entire industry there are no digital situation, but this is not our intention, we should have prior delivery issues, second agree with the idea, inside this industry, we don’t need to talk a lot of nonsense, the more we should do some things we are intensive and meticulous farming. Not in the existing inside the industry, the existing conditions, some problems can put some things may be done more carefully, really do something.
      so, I think we might say today this meeting gave me a theme, is called "the trend and grasp the iUserTracker network advertising trend", I may put a piece of simple abbreviations, we still more from our customers the perspective is the perspective of advertiser talk about how to better grasp the network advertisement in the media or in the process of formulating the strategy in a better way, of course, this way, I think it may still by number according to the third party, more for sharing some of the case, here we will discuss the possible further some.

 :     at the same time, advertising is increasing as compared with traditional media, so if we compare the web like the United States

second days, I simply do or write articles when the direct and all chat software is closed, the phone is temporarily mute. The results showed that in the process of doing things is more efficient, and is not maximized, there will be in the collection of materials, or when dealing with something of yourself into a, that is a little less important things to attract the feelings of the past! For example, today to write the theme is about a business growth history, the goal is to create the enterprise spirit with soft, in the understanding of the process, found that there are a lot of places worthy of their own learning, so went in, not in accordance with the original intention of development is that of their own to marketing, to a point of inside, and the whole thing is not much help! As for the above, not to mention it, often write, and then saw a familiar message here, but Myself >

in fact Li Gang’s words just listen to it, then there is an agreed to have a do not agree, first say a bit do not agree, in fact just Li has just mentioned a lot of operators including agent media, sometimes in order to do digital and digital, the word. I believe it is not the state of the industry, it is all a helpless, because of what?

every time we make a speech, we may always cannot do without some of the data above we release, in this before I could have a simple we related advertising data in the process of the data, we may see some of our existing market situation, that is to say, maybe this is our historical data, from the incremental market for online advertising, I think today is not only the network company also includes advertisers and media companies sitting here, for the future development of online advertising should be more confident, just say that in this process, more and more customers in the go for online advertising, advertisers may be the number is also increasing.

I think this is now a lot of new friends often encounter problems, don’t know that the project is going to look at others often advertising, know they don’t have the execution also know how to do things in a planned, no money has been know to make money, there is a little heavy, like a country say, if your mind is not too good, so don’t see too many ads! Some things, know is not equal to. Often only see the surface, there is no specific dynamic action, so often knows this, but do not know how to solve the problem, the best way is to believe in yourself, one can immediately effective way to find yourself. Go back to what this record does every day. For example, at 18:00, write the A5 article. The topic is end time: XXXX: XXXX. As detailed as possible to record it, don’t let any one can use your time in detail, then recorded. The last is the evening time to study, what the problem is where, as the beginning of my problem is in every day I find chat, ask too many questions, most of the time on it.

once had the experience, too busy every day, exhausted all day long, but before going to sleep carefully recalled, but do not know what he is busy. When asleep, just remember to do today, the plan also did not move a step!! this coquettish and dignified "busy" state had lasted several months, although can quickly wake up soon discovered, but does not know what the reason is, also like me do good friends of such problems. There is no better solution. What is the reason? Later thinking since it is like this, why don’t you take every day to do things and events are a little record? Such a night you can see exactly where the problem was that, although there are plans, but no time to go into force, this is a fake problem, there is a problem, can found the problem, just do not know how to solve the problem.