How should Adsense choose the integrity of the advertising alliancenternet sports is a big cake, bu

tiger sports has completed the 4 round of financing, the total amount of nearly 400 million yuan.

? First, if the


Fourth, in the online search

behind this is the sports market huge profits brought about by business opportunities, more and more people recognize the charm of this sunrise industry. But the Internet sports cake is not everyone can eat.

alliance group, but it is the best, can enter the group members observe response, or add customer service chat, do not rush to conclusions, at one or two weeks, you can know the basic quality of the alliance. This is the most accurate. For example, today a friend complained too point × if you enter into this alliance, alliance group to speak, see every day is the webmaster appeal for payment of the money, then this is the union of fools know not to do, so the friends into the group in advance if investigation is good. For example, when ×, union, into the group, no one speak, very quiet, there is a problem directly with the customer service private chat solution, it is obvious that this alliance has done. Those who do not speak are quietly making money.

fifth, in the highly competitive ad keyword search page, to find the alliance. For example, DELL computer, we all know that DELL computer applications have a certain difficulty, not every station




recently, the Internet sports company action again and again.

third, humbly ask an experienced webmaster. Do this, do not love to share, the league’s project is limited, in a new multi points out a cake, especially the really good income but no one goes to the alliance, he said how good. So, with experienced predecessors do a good job relations, maybe he inadvertently revealed to you, your opportunity came.

Internet sports competition process, why is it difficult for entrepreneurs to "share a slice of"

Ali sports has started 1 billion 235 million yuan A round of financing.

Wanda has been in the sports industry for a long time. 1994, Wanda >

Internet sports is generally divided into three parts, from each point of view analysis of the reasons.

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Internet sports why so fire

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1, sporting events

in October 2014, the State Council issued the "on accelerating the development of the sports industry to promote a number of opinions" of sports consumption and sports industry will set the tone for the green and sunrise industry, and to determine the total size of the sports industry in 2025 more than 5 trillion yuan "target. China’s current sports industry market size is still far less than 5 trillion yuan, has a broad space for development. With the Internet plus era, sports and Internet integration, together with the road to transformation. Support of national policy, the listed companies and the capital to join the sports investment ranks, heavily purchased capitalists broadcast rights, and national sports awareness, opens up a space for the development of sports industry business.

, music, sports, has recently begun contact with investment banks, ready to start the Hongkong listing plan, plans to be listed in Hong Kong in 2018.

Suning sports hit $250 million, winning a total of 2018-2023 5 seasons in the Bundesliga China mainland exclusive all media copyright.

, alliance name + cheat or + waste, if many negative news, do not do as early as possible. No one is bored with who can not live with, there are so many negative news, this alliance must be a problem. This is a commonsense knowledge. Of course, there are also individual cases. Some people make money and refuse to let others know it. There are also some people who deliberately say something bad about the alliance.

second, joining the affiliate site to see the quality of his proxy ad. If the advertising quality of the agent is poor, this alliance must be very poor. Because of the quality of advertisers, advertising, but also pay attention to their brand reputation, will not just look for garbage union to put on. For example, publicity × and, go in, the first to see is the mobile phone Qie listening device advertising, such alliances do not do anything worth mentioning, he even this kind of illegal ads are dare to put, you still afraid he dare not hang you?. Too garbage Union, best not to do, and now the Internet into the Olympic hard hitting period, lingpag× flow first × these × × × × edge of things, do not touch. Do these things, conscience.

Internet sports broad vision.

in sports, in this part of the world, apart from a handful of top events at home and abroad, it seems that the sports industry is very difficult to influence the emergence of IP. Influential, including superstar NBA, European Football League, and so on. This cake for sports events, the giants have already become the focus can be said to be drool with envy, big companies and capital giant strangling game, entrepreneurs due to lack of financial strength, can only stand watching giants snatch market.

now has less than more than 100 Internet advertising alliances, and for inexperienced newcomers, choosing alliances is a big headache. Before joining the alliance, we must fully investigate, so as not to waste resources and energy, and finally drop a hard work. The advertising alliance evaluation network today recommends several techniques for choosing an online advertising alliance.