2016 new Shanghai dragon scheme (pure dry cargo)

3.: preliminary site site program is completed after the enterprise station is of course to introduce the relevant qualifications, page upload, personal station (such as personal blog) will introduce website written.

(Note: before you buy virtual host must test, casually build a relatively large program, collecting thousands of articles, if CMS’ll install several plug-in, and then to some speed site test website speed, for a few more days we test platform, 2-3 based on the mind. Sharing up case to use a tool to check the same IP site, to see if there is no illegal websites, vulnerable sites and huge resources website. I have a IP server with a search engine you believe?)

2.: space choice funds can be directly on the cloud service, independent service. The limited funds to friends can choose the virtual host, the best independent IP (the impact), and the connectivity rate and availability must be guaranteed, not cheap, a penny. I buy virtual host for other site was DDos attacks, the room cannot hold, for a ip. This leads to a spider climb up to take our extended cache site cannot access. The loss is not for me to say it.


4. website: starting station place must not touch the acquisition, nor to pseudo original, high quality original (write out for someone to write). Don’t worry when the hair of the chain or submit your site to search engines (best not Unicom), web site home page list page in the page of title, keywords and description perfect, confirmed that no fault.

5. (see this article believe that 99% people do Chinese station, then love Shanghai ranking is very important for us

if there is the record filing up, ICP card also put up, fall in love with the sea claimed that all the valuable information for people will consider. (all cards can increase the authority, we love Shanghai weighted)

love love Shanghai Haiyun accelerated their home products with halo.


engine speed >

earlier this month in a new website, share the latest web site of Shanghai dragon scheme (pure dry cargo).

1. domain name choice: Although the sea claimed not to fall in love with discrimination against non mainstream domain name (such as.Win,.Kim etc.), but also is convenient for the user memory such as贵族宝贝,.Net engine will be more affected by love. Other search engines love Shanghai except that associated with the theme of the site domain name will be weighted (such as the site is home of real estate, so the domain name is the best ljfc or lianjiafangchan). There is before the purchase of the domain name to check if there is a black background, if it is best to give up.