On 2014 webmaster enterprise website home page weight drop problem

for the novice, I started from April this year. It was a good friend in the website, and then also got a profit, nothing do with friends and start a web site. Just begin to contact what all don’t know, even the domain name is the concept of what I don’t know. But after six months of contact also learned some. Also on the site right down there are some small, the following is what I know why website right down.

home page right down!

two: the quality of the content, because the financial network is mainly issued investment information, so every day there is an original content update, the rest of the article can also maintain the quality and freshness, and update the contents of the article can be stable at 2-5, the release time is relatively fixed. Combined with the site IIS log spider, the search engine spiders "feeding" is the comparative law. It had nothing to do with it? The last letter and found that this is not the case: this site every day and Shinkin comments are original, but the gold on every day will contribute to the large financial website column on the release, the cup happened: Although Shanghai is also a wonderful love now, but even if the article published for a long time on this site and then will be published to the financial portal, when searching for the title of the article, once the other web site, the site of the articles included page no ranking, but is the first row of other sites. This makes the lost value of the original.

: a web page every day to change, even if the site has a DIV switching function, it should be the default settings for the content, constantly updated pages, like the above website, then the author adjusted the DIV to switch the default column for the company to change the dynamic, two weeks after the first page of this site normal! So, the front page of the site in any case every day to maintain a certain degree of change, in fact set from above DIV switching function, it can be inferred that if the home page is not updated for a long time, so the front page of the site is also very easy to fall right! Especially three days fishing nets two days of drying the update that is more likely to cause the problem of the

three: Links effect: Links can be said to be the most likely to influence factors of the weights of the website, the website in order to obtain the good weight to exchange about thirty Links, while for a railway station, the Links is often not high quality links, is prone to problems, once the Links website: open, right down, K and other phenomena, will certainly affect the master, this reaction to the site, the general order of "domain" is not in the first place, if in second, whether it is right to be reduced, we need to combine keyword weights conclusion. Along with the "domain" is not a normal weight, there will be a large area of decline, the first is the long tail, the next step is to target keywords, more serious will affect the site included reducing. Which is usually affected by the result, a large area of the keyword directly can not find.

four: but if a site has too much garbage chain >

Do I fully considered