How to update the webmaster in June to deal with the possible algorithm

no matter what love of Shanghai has been emphasized algorithm updates, content issues, so we need to solve today is the internal site content is able to withstand this June update.

second, the continuous improvement of


fan culture website

is another site in addition to update the content page, immutable and frozen, column page will never change the website. If the spider to grab, one month, two months, three months, half a year, find your site without any royalty. Before was not the user’s attention content is still there, and what users need the content you don’t mention home to. So this site is also likely to be eliminated in the next update, how to improve the quality of the web page? What we often say the fine-tuning. For example, the font layout, vertical navigation, left column, link, and so on the related reading. If you do not fit it properly removed, such as the recommended links appropriate to increase or decrease. As long as it is beneficial to enhance the user’s web page can be counted as to enhance the quality of. Sites in continuous quality improvement is becoming better and better, the effects of this website certainly will not be updated algorithm.

is the most invincible of last resort, in the last year and the year before the two big update many people have this question: who’s website so bad why is not K class who website so many useless in the chain and the quality is why why is no is K. My content is very good, do not have a >

also in June to June this year, Shanghai will not love is a big update? It is difficult to guess, if you love Shanghai big update algorithm one hundred percent can determine your site will not be affected? I think most people or black June sincere sincere anxiety fear, do not afraid of being as steady as Mount Tai love the sea out? Shanghai Dragon Girl share a few tips:

, the first time the content must keep pace with the times

a lot of website is more progress with the time progress, such as the 2014 English six class examination inquiry, in 2014, the latest price of mutton price information and so on these. All this site has a typical timing, "if you remain in 2013 or several years ago, it is possible in this update after your site will be facing down the right. At this time a lot of people say I do not write the time can not it? No, we will usually display update time in an updated content, search engines can capture this information to determine if your article is what time. Then we directly edit the previous contents can not? Can, but the update time a page within about a month to three months, if you have to wait three months to search engine to find this page updated to give the ranking is not too long? So the direct way is to update the new content.