Liu Jinge the five attitude determines the site keywords ranking

we do in the process of Shanghai dragon, the first thing we should do is to put our mind, and we own a good location, for example we are to do in Shanghai dragon, or Shanghai Dragon Phoenix to give others the site rankings to earn more money. As long as we find the right mentality positioning, that we are not far from success, and the next is to see when I read the sales five mentality, after reading carefully the five mentality with the Shanghai dragon workers who is practical:

Any one thing

we do, to make it must use action to realize. Not meant to find an excuse, to develop their own no reason for the success of their. I think of a word, may not be a celebrity or famous but I don’t remember is that celebrity: the world’s greatest is the cause of action. So, we want to have any one thing with an action attitude to what we do, so you can have a good result. As for the Shanghai dragon in this industry, more important is action. In other words is what we often say that the execution. If there is no good execution and good website where to go or not.

why do I want to say some people leading the mentality we know, some people do not know. Below I give everybody to analyze: as a leader in the company, no matter the thing to do for the sake of the company, that is no matter what time must be a global perspective to consider the issue. You can not just consider how much salary, how much money. I think if as a leader if you think so, I think that the company had done soon collapse. So, do Shanghai dragon is the same, we want to put the site keywords ranking do go up, must from the overall considerations, to make this site has an overall improvement, rather than the page weight is very good, while the other side hadn’t weight. Therefore, this is what we do in Shanghai Longfeng workers leadership.

third action mentality

> Fourth

second positive

In first leadership attitude

for this, I do not say every one of our work will understand, to work actively. We do not make a meal actively and work than those who are lazy. That if this person is really a tragedy. Work is work, learning is learning, we don’t want to work to learn; don’t work to learn; we need to work to sum up to learn, but also in our learning process to work for a new increase, we deliberately do not. We are going to enjoy this wonderful process with a positive attitude. Although the company boss is a result, but in our hearts never to pay special attention to this result, we need a good mentality to experience this process, so that there will be a good process.