Mito officially listed as the second largest Hong Kong stock market after the Hong Kong Stock Exchan

Phoenix Science and technology news December 15th news, this morning, the company officially listed in the United States in Hongkong, the stock code is 1357, listed referred to as Mito company, each hand of 500 shares, the issue price of HK $8.5.


Meitu Xiu Xiu chairman Cai Wensheng

and CEO Wu Xinhong

beauty to HK $8.5 per share offering price of $574 million to raise funds of HK $4 billion 880 million. Prior to the disclosure of the price range of HK $8.5-9.6.

it is reported that the U.S. public offering of more than 130 million shares in Hongkong, was oversubscribed for up to 2.39 times, of which there are 5758 retail subscription.

according to the prospectus shows that the United States before the listing of a total of 4 round of financing, the amount was $5 million, $55 million, $114 million 500 thousand, $136 million.

as of October this year, the United States of America’s mobile application matrix has been activated on the world’s 1 billion 100 million stand-alone devices, monthly active users up to 446 million. The Meitu Xiu Xiu live number 103 million, the United States took months to live 141 million months to live, beauty camera number 113 million.

Mito company founder and CEO Wu Xinhong said that in the future, the United States plans to continue to promote the platform, internationalization, commercialization of the three strategies to further build their own social platform mito.

also pointed out that the United States has been in the field of artificial intelligence, AR and other layout. "Career has just begun. "

Mito events


The 06 month

company (formerly known as Xiamen digital Love Network Technology Co. Ltd.) founded


In October

launched the first version of Meitu Xiu Xiu



Launch a mobile version of Meitu Xiu Xiu

02 months, become one of the world’s most popular image processing software;


To launch beauty camera

01 months, the mobile phone becomes self artifact, a key beauty;

06 launched the first Mito phone MeituKiss, to enter the field of hardware;

07 months Mito company incorporated in the Cayman Islands


02 month active users exceeded 100 million total

05 launched a short video community application beauty shoot, allowing users to create and share video;


04 launch of the United States to take pictures of mobile phone M4, night self artifact;

05 launch beauty camera;

09 months to launch the self timer, to create art