An example about how to make a website to be included in the search skills

optimization is mainly aimed at the domestic search engine. – love Shanghai. For the other search engine but do not so much. The author believes that the future of search engine competition, soso development is immeasurable, and it is said that the Tencent to increase search efforts to promote, so there is reason to believe that the future of the search engine search competition will certainly occupy a space for one person. The optimization method of search and love Shanghai actually is different, the author makes a research on the two months, found in the search rankings is not to rely on the role of the chain, but more is the correlation. Of course also SOSO K station, but also included will decline. So for the site to be K in search of the search included decreased or website, we should be how to restore? Today I examples explain the recovery techniques.

examples included recovery after

most of the webmaster all know is the most direct method to update the snapshot website re submitted to the search engine entrance, but some owners said the site does not can regularly repeated submission, in fact I do not agree with this. If the site is not updated snapshot of stagnation in one or two months, then the preferred method is to re submit, general submitted two days after the snapshot will be restored. To restore the site in search of the amount collected, one way is through the site to re submit to the search entrance, according to my observation soso pay special attention to soso landing entrance submit to the site, in general as long as you submit once, second days will restore the site of the amount collected, and is the latest snapshot. So, to restore the site in search of the amount collected, the first method is to re submit to the web search engine, this is also a method of webmasters often ignored.


is K after the search included zero

At present, most of the webmaster do



, a web site to re submit the search engine

if you look carefully you will find in search and search results in some websites will appear to be shared statistical number, if you often study search ranking rules, you will find the share number to improve the website in search rankings is very helpful. But soso is Tencent’s products, according to my observation, in which the search algorithm may share as a reference index, so we included the amount for the restoration of the site in the search, the website to share and search related products, such as QQ space, friends network, micro-blog, happy net, renren贵族宝贝. Through daily spontaneous sharing website or call a friend to help share the website, so as to improve the website sharing rate, and finally realize the website included the amount of recovery. Many webmaster think optimization method soso and love Shanghai very much the same, in fact, for the search and optimization method >

, improve the site’s shared rate of