Arsene teach you how to suppress negative information

we do website promotion should have found such a situation, it is home to many negative, but also from a website negative little, that is to say, in the pages of a web site ranking love Shanghai home information there may be only one, then the principle is very simple. If there is negative information to know love Shanghai, so agree, he also went to Shanghai to know a love that message, which give the same keywords, and do a few pages outside the chain, like the author wrote an essay like this "share to send the chain" to novices. It recommended to their forum prove that the messages with a few links, then let the search engine think this site is true for users, so you can put those negative information back to squeeze.

if the enterprises have a lot of negative news, the website will appear a lot of negative, so these sites generally aristocratic baby, watercress, Tianya, Sina, NetEase, Tencent, Shanghai, know love Soso Ask and so on these large-scale web pages, like the social media site weights are relatively high, search engines often will soon be included in this page, and want to short-term by optimizing their own website, the inside pages is difficult to achieve suppression of these large sites. Their website optimization is up, just like Sanlu, everybody knows his harm.

delete is not deleted after the money, can remove those negative small website is useless, and even delete sites inside the negative, thousands of small websites reproduced is suppressed not, only his own website and positive news do love Shanghai before three pages, can better ban negative news.

in the absence of negative news before, Adsense or enterprise website administrator must also manage their website every day to detect whether the negative (review: webmaster daily to do 5 things.

we do Shanghai dragon who are now either in business or at home to do their own work station, should encounter this kind of negative news of the birth of. Your site is slightly better, there will be free for you to match with the increase of negative news. The reputation management is our optimization Shanghai dragon a skill required.

using the method of Shanghai dragon, let the enterprise actually suppress negative method is very simple: search your site name or company name appears negative news, comment, through their own positive information page optimization optimization to the front, to squeeze under these negative news, the principle is very simple, but the operation is not so easy.

today I share an article on how to suppress the enterprise negative news information to us, this article I think would be good for everyone. With the development of the Internet, search engine companies will inevitably encounter negative information, because some people who complain, or some competitors in the negative news of those above authoritative website publishing enterprise. So how to suppress it, and share.