Hou Xiaoqiang do poison 70 uncle to wear bikini swim to 90

experienced after the storm, leaving the storm and a starting point of the Hou Xiaoqiang storm, a year and a half after the incursion, this time he is not an occupation managers, but an entrepreneur. He wants to be a "poison", "a convenient mobile internet tool for scoring and evaluating movies and books".

in a year and a half Hou Xiaoqiang thought what? 70 after he why wearing bikinis swam to the 90? How to treat the negative news he had? How could he used a poison bean beat Phoenix? Hou Xiaoqiang dialogue, you answer.

a literary and love to toss people

The same day

announced he was leaving the struggle for nearly 6 years, the grand literature in the December 2013, Hou Xiaoqiang forwarded an article on micro-blog’s own micro-blog wrote, "I want to do a volunteer trip around the world, in a bookstore, asleep, let the sun shining white shining on me". Away from the rivers and lakes, live an easy life, this is his vision at that time.

"in me the tiger sniffs the rose", British poet Xigefuli · Sasson’s poem, is Hou Xiaoqiang’s favorite word, from a certain angle also reflects Hou Xiaoqiang’s heart. In the heart of a person who likes to toss and turn, very paranoid people do not want to be comfortable with this, or to do a hand in the hands of a professional manager of high pay Hou Xiaoqiang.

The prototype of

poison comes from a casual conversation between Hou Xiaoqiang and his friends. At that time Hou Xiaoqiang has built up his own film company "in the film", and has won include "suspect X" and dozens of IP. My friend asked him "Jack, you are doing the Internet before, but now a television company, if you do a mobile Internet products, what do you want?" at that time, he did not hesitate to say, "I want to make a list and a single APP".

and the name "poison" from Hou Xiaoqiang very love Portuguese poet Fernando · another saying, "there are some poison is necessary, there are some very slight poison the soul of the formula composition".

literature and love toss, Hou Xiaoqiang do poison such a product seems both unexpected and reasonable.

April 2014 Hou Xiaoqiang called from Sina and Shanda literature jioubu, began a career in the Beijing suburb of a dilapidated villa.

venture again, Hou Xiaoqiang think is not to win everyone’s attention, how much money. He said, "if I were to make money, my film companies now do good, why come to toss the APP? There are so many people in Sina, big time to follow me, they are doing the Internet, technology, film and television companies are not suitable for them. I hope the poison will be a place where they can retire in the future. If I have a little feeling, I feel this".

however, entrepreneurship is not easy, although in the first time to find investors, Hou Xiaoqiang saw the "day"