The final product page on the Jingdong of Shanghai Longfeng mall reasonable distribution of keyword

Title: set the product name + product title + tail combination

Title: [TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22] TCL KFRd-25GW/DE22 is a wall mounted electric auxiliary heating and air-conditioning market price evaluation [white]

there is a "TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22" two times, we cannot determine which is intentional or wrong, love Shanghai official said, keywords does not have any meaning to love Shanghai, but I love Shanghai in the search, a few words inside the whole row of Shanghai love home. Of course, only one case can’t express what, but one thing is for sure, even if the keywords of love Shanghai really no meaning, we must conscientiously to set it, because of its other search engine rankings or help.

Today we see

Keywords:TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22, TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22 TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22, TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22

product title is very simple, is the product name plus some product attributes, the attributes are selected out of the screening, we look at the title, the absolute one can know what it is, a hanging type air conditioner, or white, the user in the search to this page is basically not there are too many doubts. Certainly the product title appear a product name, so naturally increased the density of products.

Jingdong’s product page, look at the title, to 贵族宝贝360buy贵族宝贝/product/682747.html this page as an example

Description: [TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22] 360BUY (360BUY贵族宝贝) TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22 mall Jingdong provide authentic licensed, the lowest prices, including TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22 and air conditioning online shopping guide, and TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22 pictures, KFRd-25GW/DE22 parameters, KFRd-25GW/DE22, KFRd-25GW/DE22, KFRd-25GW/DE22 comments on the experience of skills and other information, online shopping TCLKFRd-25GW/DE22 air conditioning Jingdong, assured and relaxed


[] product name with parentheses, plus () is generally representative of the auxiliary content, and [] so blatant a parenthesis, obviously is to tell the site (one of the spiders, the things inside the user) is the core content of a web page, of course, indeed.

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