n my eyes, love to help network and dianping贵族宝贝

if the two site of the Shanghai dragon, should say very good, can be a very good grasp of user needs, in fact, you may not know, the public comment and the net love a band began to pay attention to optimization is what part? Was buses and bus lines inquiries, sometimes we think most of the people needs, and can not represent the real demand on the internet.


I see. These two sites between


we see the weight of love bus channel:

we look at the screenshots comment a comment:

this love Shanghai to buy love to help network, astounded with regret, with comments compared to net and net love a band, although the flow but on the user experience, be roughly the same, it is a world of difference, I remember the first time to use love to help check the bus lines, in addition to general experience is that the lower right corner of the floating window, open don’t take me a minute to turn it off.


In contrast to the weight of


A lot of

found a way to

Shanghai Dragon Technology


bus is far greater than the heat of heat comment shops, visible close to the user needs of life groups are huge. Sometimes we are not lack of technology, but the observation of life, on the real needs of users and to catch users show their demands is the most important channel.


said that if the two of them found a way.

ha, see no love for the whole site weight was 8, accounted for 75% of the bus channel flow. Visible based Shanghai dragon success sometimes isn’t what you want to think of yourself valuable words perfectly, but the user needs to achieve the ultimate keywords. The traffic and user groups is the first step in the success of the Shanghai dragon.

in the comment about Shanghai dragon, then know that comment was also not to search what delicious fun place, but find the search of the bus line comments, one day out of work, he fell in love with the sea search bus lines, accidentally discovered the comment should have public comment, I rely on, even comment on people also very much, although I feel this meaningless, but user attention, so pay special attention to comment on this program, called user is the most crowded car, the other car and write the driver’s perception, praise and so on, are basically the real demands of users.

in Shanghai Longfeng above, net love a band slightly better comment, from the traffic and rankings can be seen, love is much higher than the review, I personally think the reason is that the core members of love is all love Shanghai former employees, for the website of Shanghai dragon and technical aspects of the control is better than the public comment.