On a small website optimization way


site in the lower right corner is a useless column so to change it into industry news. It is later published an article on the website, is directly displayed on the home page, provide. There is a Links page and the foot part, by making a site leave a lot of links. These links and not chain back. Decisively removed.

Specification highlights the Introduction

page of the company certificate, the enterprise culture, I would like to keep only the introduction of a company, but did not find the source code, there is no change. This is the next step to change.

Objective: This is the website optimization to a friend, there is no money that, hey. But my optimization technology is not particularly high, so we can not get ah. The site was established, is the use of a CMS template, lack of flexibility; when I was the site optimization from the following aspects.

website optimization is completed, can not immediately see the effect, the next step:

5, ready to renew the website with the domain name 3-5. Add a bit of website domain name trust

3, on the home page to do the layout adjustment: the first part: grey navigation site map, I changed to a sentence of Beijing Ruimeisen reinforcement company welcome you! We are strengthening a professional design company; because the site does not require the use of online customer service, so this is to get rid of. Is to allow the code to be concise, less

1, on the title page redefined: Beijing reinforcement company, Beijing demolition company, Beijing pit company, company foundation and foundation reinforcement, reinforcement, foundation pit supporting company – Beijing Ruimeisen construction engineering limited liability company; I changed to a Beijing company and foundation reinforcement, reinforcement, bridge reinforcement – Ruimeisen reinforcement company, my main consideration is that we do the word Beijing, strengthening the company original company, Beijing the frequency of too much. A streamlined optimization. Remove some non main keywords. Mainly around the reinforcement work.

2, and that of the keywords have also been modified, of course, is the same as the title, streamline. Although the two label now has little significance, but better than nothing.

1, the chain: This is a very crucial thing, ready to spend some money, write the article published on the site in various.

2, your site to keep on the.

The construction of

4, because the site is new sites just a month time, the chain, your website is not good. I have to continue to look for the chain. The construction of the chain still go15 ah


6, sitemap.xml site map