Open shop do virtual make money, now open shop need how much money

The choice of home is very important to do virtual Taobao


before I decide to do virtual Taobao, many friends advised me that now Taobao is too late, hardly what the market will do; in my heart 1 Taobao stores, many of my friends on the sidelines, wondering whether I can keep going until I do; the diamond level, began to have some friends to ask now do virtual Taobao really not late; when I used half the time, from the 1 heart do 3 crown, there are a lot of friends asked me how to do.

may only know their own, this step by step to today, we know one minute on the stage takes ten years. People will only pay attention to your final results, few people care about the hardships of this step by step.

recently encountered a lot of friends to ask Taobao to open a virtual step, I will combine with my Taobao experience to share with you some of my experience, hope to be able to give you some inspiration.

may be interested in doing virtual Taobao friends, have a few advantages to understand the virtual Taobao. First, low cost and low risk, so that only a few hundred yuan virtual Taobao proxy virtual recharge software, you can operate virtual goods online, such as recharge recharge, game currency recharge. Two is the high yield quick results, in charge of Taobao calls friends all know, such as the $100 prepaid card, prepaid price in Taobao is mostly about 99 yuan, and 100 yuan recharge in the virtual recharge software cost is 98 yuan, although the price is not high to earn. But from a long-term perspective, when learning to enrich the experience of Taobao promotion, will know the virtual Taobao’s biggest source of profits is the virtual recharge software itself, will be a few hundred dollars to buy back the software, endless promotion out, this is the virtual Taobao the most attractive source of profit. In addition to operating virtual goods, virtual recharge software can provide a large number of physical goods, for the majority of the store shelves business choice. Do not know can add my QQ381713669 professional guidance novice shop, package teaching package.

may be to see the advantages of doing virtual Taobao, I decided to start from the virtual Taobao. Recall that at the beginning, when doing a virtual Taobao, I do not know anything, but do not understand does not mean I can not, do not understand and can not stop me to try to learn. I think this young, young is the largest capital investment, hundreds of dollars, even if I do not go, even if finally lost what, better than those hesitant, wait-and-see people standing outside it, at least I can learn a lot of things, learn a lot of valuable experience, which is it is a great asset.

busy when I shop, I spent a lot of time on the Internet to understand the Taobao process and some matters needing attention. At the beginning of the beginning, there will always be many difficulties. But fortunately, I met a very patient home agent, he let me more determined to do the determination, he let me detours, rewarding.