Wuhan 2012 democoffee first station Changsha dragon pure dry cargo sharing

1, Shanghai

is pleased by the @democoffee Zhao @zhaohongliang about, in Wuhan station group 027zhan office in 2012 the first salon owners, the salon on the theme of "bitter force, a webmaster Tucao" senior professional website design Chen, Shanghai dragon circles before training and internet nickname China generation nine doll Zhao I the Internet, I pawn @baidusa, real name Guo Yeye, the first time the participants experience is still lacking, didn’t set the pen and paper with the meeting process. Although the whole meeting theme is clear ", but everyone seems to be Tucao" are not willing to Tucao, due to the lack of maintenance of host theme Tucao, the whole meeting tend to "site case analysis" and "personal experience", if the site records detailed information, share a certain number of words over 10000 dry cargo unfortunately, this article just after the meeting, after the recall and record my personal touches and in color, only summarizes some dry cargo to everyone, I hope you love.

A: 235 and the value of 10

here to all participants and to share friends say sorry, not remember your name occupation, but remember that your point of view. If the reader feel contradictory ideas and experiences, please think twice and study, because it shows that you are really learn something; if you are totally recognized throughout the article, that in reality you have to do so, and this article for you will lose value. The dry cargo in alphabetical order, beginning to share:

C Wuhan Shanghai dragon appeared 8 times, 10 times, Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon skills 2;

keyword density is an important decision of Shanghai Longfeng ranking factors in the process, density and layout can determine the single page included and ranking, so love Shanghai is how to index and snapshot ranking these pages generated? A friend to share the following points. First, a text, the love of spiders in Shanghai is certainly not possible that determine the center keywords of this article, only in the highest density and find out the key words as the core vocabulary, the length of the article determines the number of core words. For example, around three articles described ABC Wuhan Shanghai dragon skills together. Love Shanghai grab the core segmentation for Wuhan, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon dragon skills.

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B: 573 and value >

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A Wuhan Shanghai dragon appeared 2 times, 3 times, Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon skills 5;

B Wuhan Shanghai dragon appeared 5 times, 7 times, Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon skills 3;