Why do investors invest in a business

editor’s note: October 23rd, Qu Kai in their own public number "42 chapter" published an article entitled "why I don’t do VC?", the original cloud and venture capital investment managers in the bidding farewell, successfully set off a burst of waves in the capital circle.

obsession Qu Kai on the growth curve, in fact, a month ago announced his departure business plan, after several years of venture capital career, he hopes to "extremely elegant and valuable article" gather high-quality people, do a service content of entrepreneurs in venture capital circles.

A and jumped into the river in the eyes of investors, the content of entrepreneurship the river ahead what scenery? What is the


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started out as a public number, people have continued to ask me: "why do investors, diverted to the content of


actually, I began to write the original intention of the article is very simple, is to share. Investment itself is money to do leverage, content is to use words and ideas to do leverage. If done, the content of the world’s influence and change, will be more fundamental than money, thorough and extensive.

under this determination, I will also use the perspective of investors and entrepreneurs to examine the content of entrepreneurship. Like thinking about the rest of the industry, I would like to know why the business can be started up, and what stage is it going to develop?.

in the process, I want to practice, so there are the following questions, and I find out the answer. This was invited to share to you, right when the statements of a school, for reference only.

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origins: what is the essence of this wave of entrepreneurial content


for the first media industry, the most scarce resource is the brand, channel and advertisers. That is to say, a magazine to live well, to have a good brand, store enough channels, and have recognized their advertisers. The new media era, although the brand and advertisers have the corresponding migration and change, but the real change is the role of the channel under the line. WeChat allows everyone to make a sound, and it can be spread to a huge crowd.


when a new channel appears, very few people can see the trend at the beginning, and advertisers do not know how to participate in the construction of new ecological. Therefore, the giants of the old era there is no motivation to continue to explore new platforms, which gives new content entrepreneurs have brought opportunities.

In addition

on a new platform for the rise of the users have a strong demand for consumer content (like a sudden vacuum in the world for people, so the same oxygen demand) content of entrepreneurs can be rare in exponential speed, with the increase of users with incremental platform.

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