Madcon conference in Xiamen Shanghai dragon Er useful for knowledge sharing


some owners think they English is poor, not suitable for English type website, Zac’s view is that if you can get a English station to do 2000 of the traffic, then you can solve your life; do not know there is no way to solve English station updates, content is the priority among priorities for the whole website, he gave us a trick, no way to engage the article can spend money to call others to write, call a Native American people engage in an article is about 40 to 50 dollars, if the money can not afford, we can call the India people to write, the price is relatively cheap, a this article is about $1, if you are not willing to spend a dollar, you don’t get the website.

recently search keywords ranking the Shanghai dragon made some adjustments, Zac every one rank to a good position, sometimes even ranked to the first, about the Zac to our argument is that the website should adhere to, the beginning may not think the site what role, but the flow would make up after ranking now, what orders are relatively simple, is placed in that case; in addition the website must pay attention to the brand, do not use too wide word as the name of the web site, such as Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon dragon and these words, which make up can reflect their own brand website. On the Zac blog title many friends feel very much puzzled, Zac wanted his title to write so long, his reason is that now as long as there is a certain understanding of Shanghai Longfeng people generally take title to write simple, Shanghai dragon home page ranking website title is relatively short, the reason to write it so long, that is to attract the attention of others, to attract people to click.

Zac, a blog title written

yesterday, Saturday April 28th, participated in the Xiamen interactive era culture Communication Co., organized by the madcon conference, it is a pleasure to see the famous people of the industry, such as the more familiar Zac, and some people love Shanghai, listen to a day of meetings, feeling a little tired, but also learned a lot from a page Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge, today finishing it, some feel for the industry of Shanghai dragon who is very helpful.

WEB2.0 is to share love Shanghai love Shanghai button tool launched a web address to provide collection, sharing and transmission, a lot of friends to share their number of sites, by means of cheating brush share, love Shanghai people for us to answer this question, in order to bring some adverse effects to stop cheating, there may be a mechanism anti cheat in the future; for now is to brush friends or stop as well, once love Shanghai recognition may have some effect on the site, love Shanghai share should be naturally good.

three, Shanghai

two, do not know how to engage in English English station

share a love cheat