Late night dining tell catering practitioners good meal not only need warm stomach warm heart

Abstract: late night dining boss with their own personal charm, taste and food management, establish a sense of belonging to the community has let diners, make diners into the night canteen will feel a sense of ritual of baptism, the late night dining out of a restaurant, and the customers really established the establishment of emotional feelings, and customers will be the era of competition for a large catering vassal killer.

night when Tokyo Shinjuku will have a different from the day atmosphere: neon, crowds, materialistic, yiluanqingmi. There is a lot of large enterprises and government headquarters is located, or Kabukicho, underworld camp, gay gathering area; everything seems to be covered to drink half the intoxicating color, everything is shaking.

but if you in the party concentrated chill after midnight accidentally turned off into a neglected Kabukicho alley, you will see a small restaurant is waiting for you, the door hung a piece of blue cloth, the words "will expands," Chinese "is translated into a place to eat". You think, ah, the boss how lazy to lazy to give their own shop name is really careless ah?. Then you open the sliding door, feel a warmth in the upper part of the body at the same time, also saw a devils, left a long scar on the middle-aged man. He was dressed in a dark blue kimono, a white Waist Apron, his hands crossed his chest, and calmly said to you:

welcome, even if there is no food on the menu, as long as I do, you can do it."


simple to the ultimate operating principles

we went to a restaurant used to look at the menu and then select a riot of colours, spicy sweet and sour taste according to different tastes and preferences, and other dishes on the table, gobble down. However, this "eating place", the menu can be as simple as a simple, only one package and three kinds of wine: pork miso soup food, beer, wine, drink Japanese liquor, the limit is three cups, don’t drink. You may just come in, but occasionally found here is more familiar. Naturally, you may soon become regulars.

here is Business Hours from 12 pm to second days at 7 in the morning, in the course of time, is called "the late night dining room vip".


late night dining room interior space is very small, small to separate kitchen and dining area are strictly. The table is not a separate table arrangement, but the kitchen around behind the U-shaped boss went to the middle service for customers. When you are full, you can sit at least 10 people.


boss is a mysterious man. No one knows what his name is, where he comes from, his age and origin…… He may not have a family, his life experience is a mystery, but who cares about his face