Shanghai Longfeng novice mistakes share

website This part of

has just started to do some Shanghai dragon friends begin to do a large site, full of grand aspirations. This is almost every novice friends Shanghai dragon dream, but Xiao Murong advise you, as a Shanghai Longfeng novice, this time we should try to do a single type of website, we are now in the study of Shanghai dragon technology. After our Shanghai Dragon Technology up to a certain extent we do some large sites too late.

3: the site is decorated very beautiful

4: repeatedly modify the website title

5: update the content focus only on the number of

1: choose target keywords

friends just contact Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon always very superficial understanding, perhaps this part of Shanghai dragon website > new friends from the Internet to see

novice friends when Shanghai dragon, be sure to put your website one-time target keywords choose well, not to late to easily modify the site title. Many novice friends always love to your keywords to change to change. We all know that the site is free to modify keywords do a big taboo in Shanghai dragon. We must avoid such operation.

this is a very serious mistake. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng beginners always fail to analyze the goals of the web site keywords to do. Or directly on the front page to optimize target keywords many. The consequences of doing so is likely to be the weight of each keyword to due to the number of keyword optimization too much is very small, there is no end of a keyword optimization to the first page. Long time not to optimize the home of these Shanghai dragon new friends will lose confidence and give up Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon. Xiao Murong suggested Shanghai Longfeng novice friends to choose some key index below 500, the general situation of such words better optimization. As we teach you, soon to be optimized to love Shanghai home position.

2: Thinking of making a large website

some friends always love their site decoration "dazzle" personality. In the website home page with a lot of pictures and video modules such as. In fact, this operation is not good. Because the search engine spiders, like those pictures and video recognition ability is not very good. So this site is generally difficult to do.

so far, Shanghai has many years of dragon and Phoenix optimal contact, in recent years he has been very confused, do not know from the beginning to understand the point of Shanghai and later Shanghai dragon dragon, and according to their years of experience in recording the most suitable Shanghai Longfeng novice video tutorial, to tell the truth, along the way very hard. There is only one reason, that is their own way of learning Shanghai dragon is very difficult, and old mistakes. Today Xiaobian summary Shanghai Longfeng novice mistakes: