Love Shanghai period on the new update latest discovery

can be found through observation, the number is in 5 million the following one or two months, the relevant number in 5 million to 10 million is basically in three months, more than ten million to more than three months. (special words, except forbidden word)

! The original

then look at the chain, especially the high quality chain to determine the ranking conditions. According to this observation, the high quality of the chain is usually love Shanghai’s own products, such as the love of Shanghai library, Shanghai or Shanghai know love love experience.


from rice road network 贵族宝贝45fan贵族宝贝, reproduced the need to indicate the source of


I recently by many examples can be found, love Shanghai to the railway station, most updated only included home, after a period of time for temporary included inside pages, and release some keywords ranking. Through the keyword competition to estimate the ranking cycle and related results. For example: "love Shanghai search router settings" this keyword will appear "love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 227000000". The page to included criteria were included after the split love Shanghai, love Shanghai, every word has a thesaurus, if the word page will appear here.

the first five pages (real ranking) the number of home: 20 to 30, one to two months: less than 10 very easy to do, as long as it will have ranking. The 50 page is the degree of competition is very strong, more than three months.


analysis of the top three data: the top three are the love Shanghai encyclopedia; love Shanghai library and love Shanghai mall. You don’t need to analyze, belong to the vertical search. Call coming from other places, in order to improve the user experience, when your site can meet the needs of users, can go beyond the love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai love Shanghai pictures, video, but the premise is the degree of matching keywords, keyword matching degree with the description of the key words content matching degree can be quite high.