How to determine the information content of the pseudo original fingerprint technology

2, the content of paragraph sorting, other paragraphs are reversed, or some text structure of this article is the upside down.

search engine to crawl content, will be the first to eliminate some of the non feature information of key words in the article: I, you, he, and other titles, but other conjunctions, and do it, ah, what tone word. These words are not helpful for identifying information. Then is to extract text information. The fingerprint information of text information that is not easy, and the extraction for voice, fingerprint image is more difficult, and this is also the reason why search engines to speech and image recognition.

method is useless, because the information extraction of fingerprint technology and content or the original article is basically the same, the search engine can find the same fingerprint information in the database of the article, so your article will be judged to be collected articles.

3, the spell.

ZAC teacher gives a text information extraction of fingerprint picture content, in the back of a pseudo original method explanation we will use some information in the picture.

was the first to share the information of fingerprint technology, access to the concept or in a training session in ZAC. The information of fingerprint technology in love Shanghai encyclopedia explanation is: is the feature extraction of a message, usually is a group of words or a group of words + weight, then according to this group of words called special algorithms, such as MD5, will be transformed into a set of code, this code has become the group identification information of the fingerprint.

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website content update is very important for the website, the content is exquisite originality in content construction we usually pay special attention to the place, but the search engine how to determine the original content? Today Xuzhou ewang will give you talk about search engine information fingerprint technology.

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, I believe any one in Shanghai Longfeng work is known to everyone, thus, the content and the chain for the importance of the website. The chain is the key to improve our web site keywords ranking, and the content is based on our website.

1, modify the title, the title of similar words to replace, or text sorting etc.. For example: the original title is "how to determine the pseudo original content, can be modified for" how to judge the pseudo original content".

fingerprint technology, this modification is invalid, we want to make the search engine that we need to change the title, is relatively large. For example I can modify the original title for "the search engine to determine the pseudo original content standard", the title is more easy to search engine to determine the original.

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often see some about how search engines are pseudo original article mentioned methods are mainly the following:

According to the information of