Not thinking of using the nternet OPPO, why vivo was able to complete the sales counter attack

in the field of smart phones, because of the emergence of technology, sometimes people forget that it is essentially a business.

OPPO and vivo after the counter attack has emerged. According to the survey data released by IDC, VO Legion in the first half of this year, the domestic market share has exceeded HUAWEI.

IDC and Gartner these two IT market research institutions in 2016 for the first two quarters of the report, OPPO first entered the world’s top five smartphone manufacturers list. Thanks to the strong performance of R9 in China and overseas markets, OPPO in the second quarter of this year to become the highest growth in sales of manufacturers, shipments rose by 129%." Gartner analysis in the relevant press release that, it is anti shake self and fast charging these two features to help OPPO in the highly competitive Chinese market to get good performance."


market share

OPPO chairman Duan Yongping is also the chairman of BBK group, and vivo was founded in 2011 by BBK smartphone brand.


market share of the birth of the dark horse?

OPPO and vivo are not born.

domestic market share is growing fast, but OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong in August issued an internal letter said: "the situation is very good, but I like the thorn in the side, worried that OPPO was outside flattery……"


domestic market

and other mobile phone companies to founder in social media network as though Chen Mingyong was not red, Guangdong, has a Guangdong merchants low-key, his last public meeting with the media in 2014. Over the past few years, he will be successful in the word "duty" to instill team, become OPPO employees for inside and outside he even prescribed in the pet phrase, internal, not to attack, respond to the opponent.

In addition, Chen Mingyong likes to go on the other side of the game in the circle of the wide spread of the famous saying: "under you, I’m my next, the next to the last, the potential to come out, and see the high up to see

." Under the word meaning, he advocated to fight the enemy separately.

since Apple launched the first generation of iPhone in 2007, the global smart phone market has developed for 9 years. Even in the Chinese is regarded as a huge potential market, from the function to intelligent mobile phone replacement wave, is also nearing completion, innovative mobile phone hardware level, in recent years, almost to a standstill, especially the Android system based on mobile phone market, the products have been highly into homogeneous competition.

in the context of such an industry, why OPPO can perform excellence, inverse >