f the site of these problems the spider will visit said pressure


a large number of dead links

solution: (1) submit dead link. The love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform "links submitted" tools to submit website links, details please refer to love Shanghai webmaster tools.


is the so-called dead link return code 404 error page links, these links are usually created by a website or website, to replace the domain name after. This kind of dead links both to the users and the love of spiders in Shanghai, is a very friendly and performance. Imagine, when you visit the site to the jubilant spider, but one after another to meet those dead link way, repeated cases continue to emerge, finally let the spider don’t trust your site, and then also have a web site is not included the results.

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second: site map error


(2) of 301 redirect to death. This way is to pick links to fewer sites, if your web site links to death only one or two, you can put the dead links page redirects to the front page or other pages, but it can also cause the user experience is not so friendly.

: the first website

analysis is a part of Web log daily Shanghai Longfeng work, we can observe the search engine spiders today on the site and crawl through various code displayed on the log, and find out the reasons, and then improve the optimization scheme of the website. But many owners think their website was very perfect, but the logs show spiders access frequency is very few, this is undoubtedly to the efforts of the webmaster put a bucket of cold water.


technology tutorial Shanghai dragon have told us, making the site map is very important. But now many webmaster will ignore the site map of this piece of work, because not familiar with the code, so many owners will use some reliable tools just make a site map. I think, instead of just making a map, also do not make. Just think, you give a wrong map when the spider walk, lost the spider, it will not hate you? So, I suggest, if the site map can be made personally, if not you can choose some authoritative tools, such as love Shanghai webmaster tools and chianz webmaster tools etc.. Well even after the test, to see where the existing problems, and through the observation of the log, the spider is able to smoothly on the map.

said spider on your site access to the enormous pressure? There is a spider, just a robot, it follows the program set, if it is not willing to visit your site, it only shows you the site factors there must be various obstacles crawling. Below the author’s own experience to share with you, what kind of problems will let the spider access pressure becomes larger.