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in 80s, when we asked our success: "what is the most important business?" maybe they will tell us: "hold on!" on twenty-first Century, ten people know, the road of entrepreneurship, than to choose, choose not to waste. In the mobile Internet era, the choice is more important than hard, adhere to the


from the second half of 2014, we are all experiencing a revolution that is sweeping the industry – the mobile internet. After October 2014, the new mode of operation continues to emerge. During this time, we witnessed the brutal growth of WeChat; we witnessed a lot of people with the WeChat public numbers, found in 2006 before the kind of feeling. Therefore, in the context of today’s mobile Internet, you do is just a good outlet pig!

we have to understand more deeply what is the business of


talent, capital, teamwork, execution, ability, luck, trend, and is the godfather,


"do not believe the book, letter luck." Do poineering work depend on luck, is destiny?

no! Come to the outlet of pigs can fly really experienced the pain of the people concluded that entrepreneurship is actually four words: find the right outlet


what is the air outlet?

I think Dongsheng tuyere must be: the specific point of the outbreak, the specific implementation details, and must be simple, must be low threshold, must have timeliness. As a result, I think the key point of the venture to find! – find the air outlet!

specifically how to do it?

flow. The ancients said: the hero. A lot of people in the absence of pain, the mentality is "God", always thought of "man can conquer nature". The man used to overcome the difficulties absolutely, with selection in the entrepreneurial direction is completely mistaken. Only conform to the trend, are likely to succeed.

accumulate steadily. Is the so-called accumulate steadily know what to do and what not to do, professional accumulation. A few hours ago the 10 thousand hours of the theorem (people need to spend 10 thousand hours to do something to become a real expert, such as Bill Gates programming for 10 thousand hours) in fact, that is the.

preparation. Success belongs to those who are prepared, the preparation is the person who know how to insist on, loneliness. For example, the biggest WeChat red belongs to those who used iPhone 5S, and then open the group, the finger has been placed at the bottom of the screen people.


. The wind is coming, you must focus; the wind is aging, you must do in order to gain more in the air; the limited resources on the air, you must learn to let everyone participate; then, must be fast, otherwise the wind, not short-term to.

our time is a circle of people extremely despise entrepreneurs, that official, into a large enterprise to.